Liberal Blogger Steals $100,000 from Obama Linked Consulting Firm

From The Corner:

Roll Call reports today on the dismissal of Chad Schuldt from an Obama-allied consulting firm for allegedly embezzling more than $100,000.

Schuldt had been the left-wing “Clean Cut Kid” blogger in South Dakota, who started up after the 2004 election. At first, he was anonymously attacking Republicans in the state, especially Sen. John Thune (R). Once his identity was revealed, he blogged much less frequently.

One of his favorite topics was Republican corruption. (Ahem.)

Evidently, Schuldt was as unhappy as I am about the taxes that were being removed from his paycheck. And so he allegedly took matters into his own hands, stealing from his firm the tax withholdings for all of his colleagues, instead of sending them along to the IRS.

Far be it from me to make some snide remark about how Schuldt did not need need such a large tax cut.

Just like when White “liberals” come here and accuse me of being a racist when I stand up for Black people against the rising tide of anti-Black violence perpetrated by Latino gangs, we see that liberals always point out the perceived failings in others they most struggle with themselves.

h/t Jawa Report