Possibly Cannibalistic Pedophile Ring Caught Trading Snuff porn

Next time someone asks you why you need a gun send them this link. If you don’t have a strong stomach I’ll summarize. Two perverts were caught with child porn including pictures of decapitated child who’d been cooked. They also chatted about raping, murdering and eating toddlers. Don’t worry, the family of one perverts says it was all in good fun.

Buy a gun, now. The world is ending.

Anti-Catholic Hate Crime in Arkansas Ignored by Media

Members of a Catholic student group called Tradition Family and Property Student Action were assualted by some Obamunist thug while praying the Rosary during a protest. The group is a Fatima-ist Conservative group founded by a Brazillian intellectual named Plinio Correa de Oliveira so this is not the American version of Conservatism but leans a bit toward what we would consider Falangism.

But that’s not really important – after all you don’t see leftists physically assaulting other groups that promote Syndicalist economies (like elements of OWS) or Muslims whose Sharia law is a type of Falangist system. These people were targeted for waving an American flag and praying to their god in public which is pure anti-American bigotry and frankly a hate crime:

h/t Gateway Pundit

The Aurora Shooting and the Loss of Personal Responsibility

As someone who posts at Red Alerts on gun rights and laws, it seems appropriate that I would have something to say after the tragic event in Aurora. But I’m not going to get on a soapbox about the 2nd amendment. We as a culture always have the two-sided argument after killing sprees and we will continue to do so. Pro-gun rights people aren’t going to convince the anti-gun crowd of facts.

I did, however, want to address a couple of issues. Unfortunately, ABC came out immediately after the shooting and stated that the shooter was a tea partier.  They had the wrong guy. This turned out to be bogus information that could have been easily researched by a true journalist in a short period of time.

I’m saddened by the quickness with which the media jumped to politicize this horror. One of the underlying issues that struck me is how our culture has so embraced the blame game, not just blaming gun laws or political affiliation but anything that would remove responsibility from the evil individual who perpetrates such a horrific act.

I’m not a lawyer or psychiatrist but I hope that he doesn’t get to use the crazy defense
even though words like whacko, psycho and nutjob are easily applied to James Holmes. This took forethought and planning. That must mean something in the eyes of the
law. And it’s difficult not to get political because I believe this blame culture we’re
engulfed in is directly a result of liberal victimhood programming.

This individual made the choice to murder. The responsibility is his alone. Every time the
media jumps to assume that some outside force caused him to make these choices, it feeds the lie that the individual isn’t in control of his life. Of course many people have hard lives and some repeat the violence they grew up with.

But this message shouldn’t be the norm and there was a time when it wasn’t. We went from being too stiff and never wanting to make allowances to blaming someone or something else for every dark aspect of our lives. We’ve lost the balance between individual responsibility and societal nurturing. I wonder if by making the shooter a victim of
society instead of his own choices that the victims are that much easier to make faceless,
nameless and therefore forgotten.  And that’s just one step closer to making us all the dependent drones the left wants us to be.

The shooter as per usual is getting most of the press by the MSM. But others are
challenging this. Dave Swindle of P.J. Media has a piece up honoring the victims.  Twitchy is keeping up with Twitter including reporting that the mother of one of the victims, Jessica Redfield, wished that her daughter’s name would trend above the

I hope rather than believe that their senseless deaths won’t continue to be made a media
spectacle. My thoughts and prayers go out to those left behind.

Rob Pincus and James Yeager on the “Ass-Clownery” of Open Carry

Via Gun Nuts Media – I don’t have a dog in this fight because I frankly don’t carry a gun on a regular basis, though maybe I should. I do like open carry in the woods or around the homestead if I think there might be a fox about but I agree with Pincus on the open carry crowd giving liberals extra ammunition so to speak. On the other hand since when have liberals needed an excuse to grab guns?

On the other hand the “he’s not taken my class so he’s an idiot” subtext of people like Pincus and Yeager (who I respect otherwise) rubs me the wrong way. People have been carrying firearms around without dropping a few grand on “tactical” classes since the 1500s and have done just fine. Anyone who drops thousands of dollars on gun classes but doesn’t have at least a years worth of food and water or who is in debt up to their eyeballs should have their piece taken from them so they can be pistol whipped with it.

As a protest open carrying may or may not work, but there are certainly times when open carry is the only sensible way to go. Like I said (and Pincus does in the video) when you’re in the woods or if you’re working a ranch were hogs and coyotes are. But what about people on the Mexican border? What about walking your dog in urban areas where there are coyote or mountain lion problems? Bothering to make sure no one sees your precious Glock to take your dog out for a quick #2 at 3:00am is silly when you have a Uncle Mikes hip holster ready for dog walking duty. I think they might be broad brushing a bit to make an otherwise important point.