Brooke Bennett Was a Victim of Vermont’s Sanctimonious Liberalism

When the body of little Brooke Bennett was found and her uncle arrested I had a feeling this case would take an even more horrible turn. It did and after reading the affidavit of F.B.I Special Agent Daniel Racheck the self-congratulatory press conference Vermont officials held a few hours ago seems more than a little unseemly.

Bennet is believed to have been murdered by her uncle, convicted pedophile Michael Jaques, who worked in concert with her former step-father Raymond Gagnon and another man to run a complicated con game on little girls in which they convinced them that a fictional sex school known as “Breckenridge” would be training them for sex. Jaques was abusing one victim who is now 14 since she was 9 years old, and on at least one occasion “shared” her with Gagnon. That victim had been brainwashed so thoroughly she helped Jaques kidnap Brooke. Jaques has a history of kidnapping and rape and is being reported to have been a “supervised” sex offender.

At a press conference Vermont officials, among others, spoke about what a great job the authorities did. A great job after a 12-year-old girl was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a sex offender they were theoretically keeping track of. They were smugly self satisfied with finally picking up a rape cult which had been active under their noses for at least five years.

Vermont has become notorious for being lenient on sexual predators. The infamous Judge Cashman case illustrated Vermont’s “hug-a-thug” mentality when it comes to those who prey upon children. Vermont has, in fact, begun to see an explosion in the sex offender population, due largely to how inviting the state has become for people planning on continuing a career of rape and molestation.

The arrest of Brooke’s uncle and ex-step-father is not a victory for Vermont but an indictment of the system and culture of a state whose children are literally being sacrificed on the altar of political ideology. People must have known something was wrong with Jaques, Gagnon and Gagnon’s landlord who has admitted to destroying what he believed was child porn at Gagnon’s request when the investigation started. This report shows that a couple basically caught Jaques and his long time victim red-handed having sex but until this investigation had not come forward.

Vermont residents need to decide what sort of place they want to live in and vote accordingly. If this case doesn’t bother them then they should continue voting for the people they have in office now. But if I were a Vermonter I’d be demanding law and order and I’d be voting for the candidates that would work to achieve it. Brooke Bennett deserved better than what Vermont and all the people who live there gave her, and her memory deserves more than business as usual on the Vermont political scene.

Update: Jaques was an unsupervised sex offender given “treatment compliant” status. Assuredly he was considered “cured” of his interest in sadistic molestation.