It Takes Village to Raise a Murderer: Fabian Nunez Raised an Animal

Los Angles politician Fabian Nunez has a son named Esteban. Esteban and his friends called themselves “The Hazard Crew”, or THC for short, and by all accounts were a gang of drug using sociopaths who, among other things, posted pictures of themselves torturing cats and other animals on social networking sites. But don’t worry Mayor Villaraigosa says he’s a good kid.

But like any common serial killer, Esteban graduated from torturing pets to murdering 22-year-old Louis Santos when he and THC went looking for a fight after not being allowed to enter a frat party.  Now Santos’ family is worried that justice will not be done and they may be right. California’s corrupt political establishment is coming to the aid of the Nunez family and Esteban and company may well get off.

But how does a Esteban Nunez come to be? How does a son of a prominent politician become a violent drug using predator with no conception of common morality?

He is a product of the culture his father and Mayor Villaraigosa help to perpetuate in California. The faux-gangsterism, the sadism and the inability to recognize that you are responsible for the consequences of your actions are all by-products of California’s kid gloving criminals and medicalizing criminality. In an environment where no one believes that someone who photographs themselves performing vivisection on animals for fun is simply a bad person who shouldn’t be trusted, but instead is in need of some sort of hug therapy or whatever is fashionable, the Estebans of the world will become more and more dangerous.

This is especially so when the person is privileged, when the sons and daughters of politicians and celebrities are often above the law, then the law cannot possibly restrain people as evil and degenerate as Esteban Nunez.

It took more than a village to raise Esteban Nunez, it took a whole state sinking in moral impotence and corruption. Should Esteban get off, he will kill again, and California is full of people just like him. It’s no wonder good people are leaving California in droves.

Breitbart has an update on the case.