“Strung Out” P.E.T.A. Supporting “Actress” Dumps Puppies at Shelter


Dominique Swain may be willing to sanctimoniously lecture the rest of us about animal rights, but when it comes to taking care of cute little puppies she’s not willing to do the bare minimum:

It sounds like “Alpha Dog” starlet and PETA spokeswoman Dominique Swain needs a refresher course on how to treat animals.

Pop Tarts spies spotted the 29-year-old actress at an animal shelter in Malibu over the weekend, accompanied by her father and a box of eight-week-old, half cocker spaniel puppies that her dog had.

“She was really strung out and just wanted to dump the puppies there, they had never even been to a vet,” an eyewitness tells Tarts. “She was told that it was crucial that they had their shots at four and eight weeks, and they had to be kept away from the other shelter dogs.”

According to the witness, the shelter volunteers asked if Swain could make a donation so the required vaccinations could be performed, otherwise the volunteers at the non profit shelter would have to pay for them.

“She said she had no money, despite [driving in] in her BMW,” the eyewitness said. “She was really rude. Eventually she said she would make a small donation, but just left the pups there and drove off.”

What do you expect from a P.E.T.A supporter? P.E.T.A. Kills Animals

4 thoughts on ““Strung Out” P.E.T.A. Supporting “Actress” Dumps Puppies at Shelter

  1. Do the PETAns have something against spaying/neutering or did she think it was unnecessary because she could keep the bitch apart from the neighbourhood mutts?

    Still, it’s hard to hate a pleasant sight.

  2. I’ve heard a report that some eco-Leftie professors from New Zealand stated that having a pet dog or cat “harms” the environment. Are these sickos going to target your pet next?

  3. Mah29001,

    It wouldn’t surprise me that much. Many animal rights activist condemn the killing of animals for any reason, yet turn around and kill animals once its more convenient for them.

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