Just Doing the Jobs Americans Won’t: Killing Teenage Girls


The above couple is 24 year old Israel Mireles and his 16 year old pregnant girlfriend Victoria Martins. Authorities believe they’re on the run and heading to Mexico because one or both of them are responsible for the disappearance of 18 year old Emily Sander.

EL DORADO, Kan. — Authorities said Tuesday they suspect foul play in the disappearance of an 18-year-old community college student, and they searched for the man she left a bar with the last time she was seen.

Police searched a bloodied room in the motel where the man had been living, and asked the public for help in locating a white bedspread with a floral design.

Emily Sander left a bar called Retreat, east of El Dorado, with 24-year-old Israel Mireles on Friday, police said. Her car was found the following day at the bar.

The rental car Mireles was believed to be driving was found Tuesday in Vernon, Texas, about 350 miles southwest of El Dorado, El Dorado Deputy Police Chief Rick Kennedy said.

“As of now, Israel Mireles has not been located and we are aggressively seeking his whereabouts,” Kennedy said.

He is likely traveling with his 16-year-old girlfriend to Mexico, authorities said. They do not believe Sander is with him.

Authorities released a photo of a white bedspread with a floral design and asked the public for help locating it. Police suggested the public pay attention to areas east of El Dorado along two highways and conducted their own roadside searches.

Police on Saturday searched a room at the El Dorado Motel, where a manager reported an altercation may have occurred. Mireles had been living at the motel, about 1 1/2 miles from the bar where Sander was last seen, and worked at a restaurant that recently opened next to the motel.

Emily Sander had been posing nude on various amateur porn sites under the name Zoey Zane something authorities have declared to be unrelated to her disappearance, but adds salacious detail to the story that news reporters, ever eager to blame the victim, will use to distract from the unseemly truth of a 24 four year old man murdering a co-ed then fleeing to his native Mexico with under age pregnant girl in tow.

But I suppose I’m a racist for stating the obvious. Israel Mireles exported his misogyny and violence here. If his immigration status is revealed as “undocumented” it’ll be more racist I assume to point out that Emily Sander would not be missing and Victoria Martens might be in school and not fleeing a possible murder charge had we enforced immigration laws.

Dreamin’ Demon has more.

Update: Fox is reporting that a body that might be Emily Sander has been found:

EL DORADO, Kan. — The preliminary physical description of a body found east of here matches that of missing college student Emily Sander, El Dorado Police Chief Tom Boren said.

Boren said the body was found around 2:20 p.m. Thursday, about 50 miles east of El Dorado, where the 18-year-old Sander had attended college and was last seen leaving a bar with a man who has been the subject of a nationwide search.

Her case drew wide attention after it was revealed that she appeared nude on a popular adult Web site under the name Zoey Zane. That site was temporarily inaccessible Thursday, as were several sites that bill themselves as “fan” sites of Zane.

But Boren insisted Thursday that Sander’s Internet activity had no connection to her disappearance.

“The issue of the Internet and the spin-off of that has been literally crippling our investigation,” Boren said.

Emily Sander posed nude on the Internet and it has not been revealed that she performed in hardcore pornography. If it’s just nudes she’s done nothing more risque than celebrities who pose for Playboy or appear nude in movies.

It does this poor girl a disservice to harp on her modeling career choices while her killer roams free. Israel Mireles is the villain here, no a girl who called herself Zoey Zane.

Update: ZoeyZane.com is back on-line and issuing a plea for the publics help to catch the killer. They have an updated picture of Israel Mireles and clarify the misperceptions the MSM has been spreading about Emily Sander and her “porn” career:

It truly saddens us to see, in this day and age, that we still live in a society that ridicules a women for doing something that is completely legal. There was some incorrect information leaked to the press yesterday by a unknown individual named “David Thomas” claiming to have information about Emily’s “Porn” career. We want to set the record straight. Emily was a solo nude model whose site went live September,25 2007. She was exactly that – a solo girl. There was no interaction between Emily with any Male. It was just Emily, her fun loving personality, and the camera. We decided, a day before the media reports came out about Emily’s “porn” career, to take down her website out of respect to Emily and Emily’s family. We were unaware if Emily’s family knew of the site and didn’t want to add any unneeded stress or burden to them. The last thing we wanted was for her case to turn into a “missing porn star” case, which is exactly what the media turned it in to, which sadly took away the focus of Emily’s disappearance and the importance of finding Israel Mireles.

So the pornographers in this case are being more respectful than the media. That says something doesn’t it?

Update: Web Marketing blog HitUSA is reporting that Israel Mireles has a history of abusing women:

Israel Mireles previously resided in Cupertino, California where he was arrested in June 2007 for a violent attack on his pregnant young girlfriend there. Seems Israel really enjoys beating defenseless women because he broke this young girl’s jaw in two places and knocked out several of her front teeth.

A Cupertino arrest warrant is still outstanding in that assault and battery case.

Anyone that may have information about the whereabouts of Israel Mireles is asked to contact the El Dorado, Kansas Police Department at 1-800-KS-CRIME.

This wasn’t sourced so I’ll try to find where they got the info from for confirmation. Also as I’ve said earlier I believe Mireles is illegal, but only because his lifestyle is the standard one for undocumented aliens (living in a motel, working in restaurants) which I’ve personally run across myself. While finishing my Masters in CT I stayed in a motel for a few weeks and most of the residents fit this profile.

Can anyone confirm? The MSM seems not to be stating it explicitly.

Update: The Kansas City Star is reporting Mireles is a legal alien with residential status. I guess that’s why after beating the front teeth out of his under age girlfriend he was allowed to run the streets killing young girls. His family is not cooperating with the investigation and the mother of 16 year old Victoria Martens is said to be worried about the girls safety:

Boren said investigators have “no information at all” from Mireles’ family, and have received “very little cooperation,” from them in Vernon, Texas, where they live.

Investigators have talked to the mother of Mireles’ pregnant 16-year-old girlfriend, Boren said. “Her mother is concerned.”

Authorities believe Mireles has been traveling with his girlfriend.


Investigators say they think Mireles has traveled to Texas, where the rental car he was driving was found Tuesday.

“We have no indication at all that Mireles ever knew her before this (past) weekend,” Boren said.

Boren said Wednesday that Mireles and his girlfriend could be headed for Mexico, where he has relatives.

Mireles has been in the United States legally and has “resident alien” status, Boren said.

So why was he living in a motel and working a “laying low” job? He did have a warrant out and nothing says drug involvement like living in a motel and having a 16 year old pregnant girlfriend. Any theories?

Update: Jawa Report has evidence that the underage girl impregnating, co-ed murdering Israel Mireles is different than the girlfriend beating Israel Mireles. How weird is it that these two scum have the same name?

Serves me right for getting tips from a marketer’s blog.