Slate: The Taliban Were Super Gay

Surprising coming from the left but actually not far off the mark. The institutionalized misyogny of Radical Islamist movements creates a situation where men must seek companionship and emotional bonding only with other men, which to the western male seems effeminate, odd and a sign of being gay. The Taliban aren’t gay in the true sense of the word however, as adult males do not have sex with each other, but as the video points out, pedophilic relationships are historically common in that area.

So let’s just say the Taliban are not the good kind of Gay, which would be the Tammy Bruce, Ellen, Paul Lynde kind of Gay. They’re more like the Anne Heche kind of gay, or the Sarah Lawrence Women’s Studies undergrad gay. You know, little “g” gay.

Slate says the Taliban are little “g” gay:

h/t Hot Air

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