DailyKos Diarist Floats Suppressing Black and Latino Votes as a Solution to the “Prop 8 Problem”

And almost every one of the 200+ comments was in agreement with the idea. Who would have thought DailyKos was full of racists?

From DailyKos:

The disgraceful California Supreme Court decision today to let Proposition 8 stand is a setback, not a defeat.  Make no mistake, Prop 8 will come back up for vote, and when it does, it won’t have the record turnout of Blacks and Hispanics that we saw in the 2008 Presidential election to pass it.  That, together with effective countering of any Mormon efforts to support Prop 8, will ensure that next time, Prop 8 will be killed.

The same record turnout of Black and Hispanic voters that was a key factor in getting Barack Obama into the White House was unfortunately a double edged sword; in California that same ethnic and racial demo also was instrumental in the passage of Proposition 8.

The majority of Blacks and Hispanics voted in favor of Proposition 8, and with the vehemence the church communities in these demos came out and rallied against Prop 8, it’s no wonder.

Over 35 anti-gay, black pastors in California even went so far as to coerce hundreds of marching Los Angeles school children to encourage blacks to vote “yes” on Proposition 8.

The piece goes on to claim that as long as Blacks and Latinos stay away from the polling booths they can get gay marriage. The idea that they could, you know, work to change attitudes toward gay marriage seems to have never crossed this persons mind.

Almost as if engaging Blacks and Latinos in dialog is a waste of time in their opinion.

Of course author Frankie Teardrops bashes Blacks more than Latinos, which makes sense given his belief that Latinas “ARE smarter than White Men” which he/she tries to prove by posting beer commercials. Looks like Frankie is a troll, but since the Kossacks are in agreement with a troll…

h/t Cassy Fiano

4 thoughts on “DailyKos Diarist Floats Suppressing Black and Latino Votes as a Solution to the “Prop 8 Problem”

  1. This does not surprise me at all. The Daily Kos has long been a cesspool of racism, especially the kind of racism where self-proclaimed enlightened liberals pat each other on the back and high five one another over how they have license to say pretty much anything by simple virtue of their liberalism.

    I wonder how far these animals will go to disenfranchise black and latino voters next time gay marriage is put to a vote in California. I’m sure they’ll employ the same thuggish tactics used by ACORN and others to disenfranchise thousands of Hillary Clinton supporters during the Democratic primaries.

  2. One Koser at my WordPress blog which I detail believes that Dick Cheney’s a “dictator at heart”. Even though this Bill Turner Koser outright ignored all those videos of Obama’s unofficial Hitler-like youth singing songs for their “Dear Leader”.

  3. mah29001,

    More liberal racism. Isn’t it ironic how these leftist claim to be anti racist? How is it not racist to judge someone based on their race?

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