Violent Maoists Take Over Nepal

The centuries old Monarchy of God-Kings that ruled Nepal were a poor bulwark between the freedom loving people of Nepal and a decades old Maoist insurgency which is directly responsible for the death of thousands of Nepal’s people.

A coalition of parties, including the Maoists, led weeks of deadly protests which ultimately toppled the Royal regime. Now the Maoists have won a third of the seats in the new government, setting the stage for a U.N. back slaughter of non-communist:

In an unprecedented vote capping a peace accord between Maoists and mainstream parties, a new constitutional assembly voted just before midnight on Wednesday to abolish the 240-year-old monarchy and establish a republic.

On Thursday morning, the flag of the Shah dynasty was taken down from the main palace in Kathmandu, which will now be turned into a national museum.

“The royal flag was replaced by Nepal’s national flag inside the palace,” a palace official said on condition of anonymity.

“The flag has been changed as part of the government decision to implement a republic.”

Thursday and Friday were declared national holidays in the new republic, where supporters sang and danced on Kathmandu’s streets after waiting all day for the vote.

The Maoists, clear winners of last month’s elections, waged a decade of war to overthrow what they view as a backward, caste-ridden structure that kept most of Nepal’s 29 million people living in dire poverty.

They have repeatedly warned King Gyanendra he faces “strong punishment” if he refuses to bow out gracefully.

“The Nepalese people have been freed from centuries of feudal tradition and the doors have now opened for a radical social and economic transformation,” Maoist spokesman Krishna Bahadur Mahara told AFP after the vote.

The country’s press hailed the republic.

“Turning Nepal into a republic is the biggest achievement of the people in the history of this country,” wrote Kathmandu Post editor Prateek Pradhan in a letter to readers.

Many ordinary Nepalese are delighted to see the back of the dour, unpopular king as well as his son and would-be heir, Crown Prince Paras — notorious for his playboy lifestyle.

“There was no development under the monarchy,” said Prakash Karki, 26, a businessman, as he bought a newspaper. “There will be now that the people will run the country.”

United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon welcomed the vote, saying Nepalese “have clearly spoken for peace and change.”

The United States, which continues to list the former rebels as a foreign “terrorist” organisation, urged “forward political developments” in Nepal, US State Department spokesman Tom Casey said in Washington.

The vote in the 601-member assembly saw just four lawmakers oppose the declaration transforming Nepal into a secular republic.

The hope for positive change under a communist government is bound to be shattered by the violence and blood thirst inherent in Marxism. All Communist regimes commit democide against the very people who seat them in power. Even the Nepalese people who helped sweep away the monarchy are leery:

The ultra-left Maoists won over a third of the seats in the assembly and are set to lead the new government, although many remain sceptical of a movement whose loyalists are regularly accused of using violence and intimidation.

And the ex-rebels face a difficult task improving life for a people weary of civil strife.

“Whenever I go out there’s a bomb blast, a strike or a demonstration. These are the daily worries,” said Seema Pradhan, 25, at her family’s neighbourhood shop.

In Nepal the car bombs are set by Maoists. The same Maoists that that is listed as a terror group by the United States because of their violent campaign are now in power. Like the Chinese Communists, the Nepalese “Maoists” is a personality cult centered around a radical and sinister figure. There’s a profile of their glorious leader here and their official website is here. Spend some time with the second link, it basically tells you they’re planning on another Stalinist/Maoist genocide.

The The Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist is thought to have ties to Pakistani Intelligence and several other terror groups including the Tamil Tigers. Using what meager wealth Nepal has look for the CPN-M to start funding their fellow terrorists to bring about the world wide revolution communists wish for.