The Death of Manliness: Effeminate Hipsters LMFAO Claim Mitt Romney Attacked Them

It should be noted that Mitt Romney is a 62-year-old Mormon. How little pride and testosterone do you have to have to spin a yarn about being punked out by Mitt Romney?

Hipster Douchebags are Pussies

TMZ claims these guys are “are major rap stars” but if LMFAO are today’s rap stars I might give up blogging and start charging protection money for rappers to not give them atomic wedgies. In case you didn’t sit through the mincing story above the “rapper” above says he was minding his business, Romney punked him out then snatched him up like he was a little bitch. At that point he slapped Romney’s hand. O.G.

He also admits to being a Democrat which probably explains the real facts of this case.

If I ever see this guy I’m taking his lunch money. As an aside thanks for making us look good my strong Black brother, but at least you make a good living tap dancing for White hipsters. That buys a lot of ironic clothing …  if not self-respect.

11 thoughts on “The Death of Manliness: Effeminate Hipsters LMFAO Claim Mitt Romney Attacked Them

  1. Oh man… he had to protect himself form someone shaking his shoulder to wake him up? Seriously? What a wuss. And is the guy in purple making a lame attempt at “signing” what red-underwear guy is saying? Have these guys been neutered?

    I miss Run DMC… at least they could rap about things that had nothing to do with “raping bitches” and shooting cops, while still retaining their manhood.

  2. And did you see all the ignoramuses commenting on the articles? Wow.

    How hard is it to remember that all seats should remain in the upright position and all tray tables down while the plane is on the tarmac, moving on the runway, and during takeoff? If the pilot had to slam on the breaks for any reason, Romney’s wife could have lost some teeth… and wussy red underwear boy was worried about getting his shoulder shaken, imagine the response he’d have gotten if Mrs. Romney had gotten her face smashed into the top of moron’s seat. 62 or no, in my head I can actually imagine Romney giving wussy-pants a pile-driver in the aisle.

  3. LOL – I knew you would have a post about this Rob.

    When Sarah Palin was the VP candidate, wasn’t there at least one rapper who did some YouTube rant about how he was afraid of her. What a bunch of wusses.

  4. I know it’s simply a compound that burns faster than normal thermite, but still doesn’t “prove” anything about 9/11.

    I also know that trutherism is a scam designed to take money from the pockets of suckers. Do you know much about affiliate marketing? Guerrilla marketing, the profit margins of the various “truth” books?

    Trutherism is intellectual snake oil that targets people who want the world to be simpler and safer (after all the Illuminati will never come after you) and hide from the reality of Islamic Imperialism and the threat to America Jihadism represents.

  5. dear rzt
    sorry, i didnt catch your masters degree.
    if thats all you know about nanothermite then keep digging.
    do you know much about the mossad, zions, cia, etc?
    how real is the islamic imperialism? is it as real as american imperialsim?
    jihadism is that the same as ciaism?
    do you support guys like glenn beck? my mom and dad like him, they also like joel olstein.

    i wonder whats it like to be a 33′ free mason, i hear its exciting with lots of fringe bennies. i hear the masons like a simple and safer world.

    i know a bit about marketing and i dont buy any of this stuff. i buy food, that helps me.

    from what i gather with all the sites, blogs and info one is either a truther, liar or denier. i think you and i have some common ground. perhaps we are a bit divided but i hope not conquered.

  6. This has nothing to do with the above post. But I have a Masters in Liberal Arts and a degree in Comparative Religion. If you don’t see Jihadism and Islamic Imperialism in the world it’s because you are blind (or a Muslim apologist) but that is not my concern.

    Stay on topic on my post or leave. There will be no Antisemitism here (with your “zions” nonsense) and I will not be your new Internet buddy. Beat it.

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