The New Misogyny: Americans Applaud Brutal Attack on Tila Tequila

What's Funny About This?

Since I converted Red Alerts to a “survival” blog I have received many emails and comments accusing me of fear mongering for profit. I will not engage in that constant debate, I simply point people to my post that tells you why I changed the site and I will use a recent incident to illustrate the break down in society I have observed.

A couple of days ago Tila Tequila was brutally assaulted at the Gathering of the Juggalos where she agreed to play. The event, inspired and directed by the Insane Clown Posse, has a hard time booking acts and performers because of the reputation for criminality Juggalos have developed. My thoughts on Juggalos can be found here. For full disclosure purposes, as longtime readers know I promoted Tila Tequila merchandise on Red Alerts for a time and am an admirer of her business model, though I admit to being unfamiliar with her music. I also defended her once in a post that she linked to.

The Village Voice‘s Camille Dodero has a report full report on the incident. Here’s the pertinent information:

Tila Tequila’s face turned bloody this past Friday at the Gathering of the Juggalos, and I was onstage behind her when it happened. Two rocks meant for her head missed their target and pelted my shins; no bruises, but I can attest that they weren’t thrown lightly.


There were several rubber dildos hurled at her–pretty sure the sex toys missed her, but it was hard to keep track at the time– along with beer cans, Faygo containers, Stryofoam cups, liquor bottles, cigarettes, mustard, half a lemon, a pizza slice, a pearl bracelet, a pudding cup, an unopened can of ICP’s self-branded energy drink Spazmatic, part of a watermelon allegedly soaked in feces and urine, a clothed baby doll, a mini Mag Lite, a bag of chicken tenderloin. When Tequila first came out, shooting Silly String at the angry mob, a sign reading CUNT was there to greet her. My photographer, who was shooting at the front of the stage, saw an egg hit her in the face. At one point, a Juggalo with a kerchief over his face climbed up and lunged at her; he was stopped. Then suddenly, Tila Tequila was topless, bleeding, and holding a cloth to her head. Security pulled her offstage and hustled her to a nearby trailer, where she says windows got smashed. I was standing there and I can admit that the scene had gotten pretty ugly.

But the indecency itself isn’t what concerns us — Juggalos are well known for violent and dangerous behavior. It is the reaction to the incident. Check the comments at the Village Voice story and you’ll see the majority support the attack on her. It is the same at Tila Tequila’s Web site where pictures of her injuries were published as well as an interview about the attacks. All the comments followed the same basic talking points which were that a) Tila Tequila’s a slut b) she has no talent and c) she deserved this and worst. Robert Gibbs and the rest of the Obama Administration could only hope to be able to keep on message so well and with such tenacity in the face of what is basically a gift to the opposition. The people who hate Tila Tequila are either very well organized and so adept at being covert they would be the envy of Journalist or this reaction to what is by any standards a horrific crime represents a cultural shift that portends a dismal future for our children and grandchildren.

I lean toward the latter because it is not just a group of anonymous commenters making these statements, if that was the case we could write them off the way Republicans write off Ron Paul acolytes as a small but very well organized group that has a large Internet footprint. But the idea that Tequila “had it coming” is not expressed only by a small group of people with a shared ideology, but by a large cross section of people online from theoretically opposing ideologies including big name crime bloggers who one would presume to be supportive of law and order if not decency. Not so. Dreamin’ Demon posted a piece about the attack titled Tila Tequila Attacked On Stage By Crowd of Juggalos; Pelted with Rocks, Feces and Fireworks. lol.

In that piece ‘Morbid” who runs the site smirked his way through relating the assault, even while posting a picture of a bleeding Tila Tequila. His commenters all expressed amusement at a one lone woman being the target of a near riot, and suffering multiple injuries. These are people who supposedly care about people being victimized. Ignore for a moment the absurdity of a man who looks to be in his 40s using the term “lol” at all and think about the fact that one of the biggest crime blogs on the Internet is run by and largely trafficked by people who think a crowd of people attacking a lone woman is cause to laugh out loud.

You don’t need to be a fan of Tila Tequila to be disgusted and outraged by the attack; in theory you just need to be an American with a semi-functioning moral compass and a vague idea that women shouldn’t be roughed up by crowds made up predominantly of men. If you have a fully functioning moral compass and are in possession of such out of fashion attributes as being a red-blooded American or having a strong sense of right and wrong, the story of a fellow American being attacked by a crowd so violent the trailer in which security hid her was destroyed would leave you shaking with rage. But for many Americans the only shaking they are doing is of a sanctimonious finger at the victim for daring to be successful.

I could go into detail about why this is. I could write a series of essays about the left’s mainstreaming of Marxist class warfare politics inevitably leading to an acceptance of violence against the successful. I could point out that the “Old Right” and Libertarians have increasingly adopted the class warfare world view of Marxism, especially when it comes to celebrity and no doubt could stir debate with religious inferences and end of days talk. But that is all politics and at this point in history it’s too late for politics to be anymore than a distraction. I will, however, point out this stanza from The Wise Woman’s Prophecy found in The Prose Edda which concerns conditions on Earth at the end of days:

Brothers shall fight | and fell each other,
And sisters’ sons | shall kinship stain;
Hard is it on earth, | with mighty whoredom;
Axe-time, sword-time, | shields are sundered,
Wind-time, wolf-time, | ere the world falls;
Nor ever shall men | each other spare.

I recently had a discussion (by which I mean a series of messages back and forth on a social network) with Hart Fisher of American Horrors where he took the position that I was far too pessimistic about America’s future. He thinks Americans will emerge from the troubles we’re having stronger and more united than ever. This faith in humanity is based on an illusion; a distant memory of what we aspired to be in the past. Today we seek nothing more than the destruction of others for our own sake.

When California finally admits it’s broke and can’t pay for a lavish welfare state there will be riots. And we live in a society where if Tila Tequila was gang raped and murdered in those riots people would immediately go online and cheer. We live in a society where those cheering would be people who set themselves up as the speakers for justice. That, in my mind, heralds the end of a civilization.

How do you think all the people who are enamored with the idea of Tila Tequila being brutalized will comport themselves when a war in the Middle East causes a spike in oil and the nations’ distribution network collapses? What do you think people who think it’s acceptable to for men to victimize women they don’t like will be up to when police in your town are laid off? Dozens of towns and cities are already laying off cops because of budget problems, seeing the comments these people made about this incident can you tell me you feel safe?

When these people are hungry or don’t get their welfare do you really think they wouldn’t brutalize your wife or sister or you? Do you think when push comes to shove any of these people won’t kick in your door for your food or water or daughters? Do you think the YouTube video of your family being murdered won’t be traded by these same people as entertainment?

How people react to a story like this tells you something about their character, or lack thereof. For a man it shouldn’t matter if you personally dislike a woman or not to stand up for her, or at least for principles. In New York I witnessed dozens of incidents where people simply watched something happen to a woman, was horrified when I was the only person to call the police on some wife beater or try to stop a group of drunks from assaulting two women. I remember once hearing terrified screams for help outside and hearing someone running down the street. I came out to look and only one other man, he was in his 70s, had come out to help in a neighborhood of hundreds of people.

But this is far worse because in these cases no one applauded the crimes, but now we’re seeing a new depth to which the American public is willing to sink to. How you feel about Tila Tequila’s talent should be irrelevant to the moral outrage you feel over a crowd attacking her. That for many people it isn’t should convince you that the America you knew is over.

This new class warfare based misogyny is a shift from the America of old where we admired success and virtue, to the new America which is collapsing into barbarity and moral relativism based on neo-Marxism. And the new America will not be able to stop the decline of the West, but is going to hasten it as we are overcome by successive generations of people for which normalcy is an embrace of depravity and criminality the likes of which will make the Congo look like summer camp. This is why you must prepare for a break down of society, because the underpinnings of civil society have already been removed.

Today it’s Tila Tequila, tomorrow it’ll be people with extra food in their house. Once we sanction mob violence against individuals there is no turning back. And that is nothing to laugh out loud about.

7 thoughts on “The New Misogyny: Americans Applaud Brutal Attack on Tila Tequila

  1. This is so sad. My husband and I were recently talking about the breakdown of societal values and his thoughts mirror yours. I still hold out hope, but I think it’s wise to prepare at the same time.

  2. Sooo… it’s OK for a large group of men to brutalize and throw rocks at Tila, because she should have known better.

    When it happens to a women in the Middle East, for something like allowing her sleeve to go up enough to reveal her wrist or forearm, or for deciding that she would rather be Christian than Muslim, and she’s brutalized by a group of men in a country where such behavior is legal, even expected, the crime bloggers are in an uproar. But in the good ol’ US of A, if a woman is invited to perform at a show and is attacked by a large group of men there, it’s funny? It’s acceptable? Why aren’t more people crying foul on this? Is it because Tila should have known better than to put herself in that position?

    I’m curious to know why people seem to feel that women in other countries should have more right to safety than women here? I’ve never been a fan of Tila, but I’m even less a fan of Britney Spears, and I wouldn’t wish this on her, either (though I still think her children should have been removed from her care long ago.)

    Gods… is this the world I’m raising my children in?

  3. This is nothing new guys, same shit, different day.

    You think this is any different than when it was okay to lynch a black dude from a pole? You think people are any different than they were when it was okay to beat the shit out of your wife & children? The human animal is the same as it’s ever been. We’re not different than the Romans who taxed prostitution. We’re no different than the Nazi’s who killed all those jews. No different than all those Kmer Rouge who killed in Cambodia, or the Stalinist who killed their millions. You telling me I’m supposed to quake in fear and live on the edge of society because someone else is getting scared? Fuck them and their fear.

    Are you afraid because the government has acceded control over some of it’s authority to some Drug gangs like in Arizona? Dude, I’m from fucking Chicago and I spent time walking streets NO CHICAGO COP would go into alone. That’s some heavy shit. I grew up knowing the mob ruled the city. I grew with bribes and corruption and gas shortages and terrorists and we didn’t hide like little bitches. When men took over planes with guns in the 70’s society didn’t flip the fuck out and tuck their tails and pull up their balls. All this fear talk is being used to strip you down so you’re easier to control. The Tools of control have changed but not the methods.

    I dictate my actions based on the information I have at hand. I live my life for ME. I won’t be afraid because THEY are afraid. I eat fear. My mind is my sharpest weapon but my hands aren’t far behind. You say this is an example of the breakdown in law & order? Let’s talk about Union strike breakers in the 30’s. You think the rich have us all under their thumbs, what, more than Carnegie did or the Rockefellers? Before the FDA? Before Upton Sinclair? C’mon, you’re smarter than all that. Am I suppose to cow before the reborned looming shadow of the red menace? Are you kidding? Fuck them. They’ll collapse like we’ve collapsed.

    It’s all perception. The eternal truth is that life is a savage insecure thing. You don’t know how many seconds you’ve got here on this planet. Wild things know this, we’ve forgotten it, lost in our big heads.

    So some assholes on the net cheered this on. Are they different than the mobs of the Gladiator Games? Didn’t they say the same shit about Boxing for the last century that they’re saying about MMA now? Aren’t I hearing the same shit that was said about Slasher films in the 80’s repeated about the torture porn films of now? Aren’t they saying the same bullshit about Elvis they said about Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Marylin Manson, and fucking ME?

    I talked to a guy who was warned about ME and my evil comics by his parents when he was twelve.

    Is blood being spilt in the name of god? Like it has since man first invented a god?

    An optimist? A fucking Optimist? I feel like you’ve just slapped me with a velvet glove and a rock…

  4. Right, we’re living in an illusion. All these people out there are three skipped meals from attacking you,, society is nine meals from collapse. I’m tired of of people thinking we’re going to “fix” this all – it’s bullshit.

    America is over, and individuals need to accept that and start building a life around living in the second world. American Manhood is over, we’ve been over run by what Andrea Dworkin wanted men to be. American security is over, American power in the world is over which means millions of people will die of starvation, genocide and disease.

    A new dark age is on our doorstep. I have had guns pulled on me three times, shot at once and jumped numerous times, and I’ll telling you as bad as where I grew up was, it’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

    And when it does come and you look to your neighbors for mutual defense a good 25% of them will think you’re death is funny.

  5. What happened to your new story on Admins are ignoring reports more than before. Guys jerking off and not getting banned.

  6. This is a survival blog, not a crime blog anymore as I told your friends. I offered them the opportunity to send me links and posts but they refused to COHERENTLY explain the situation. There are other crime blogs, go there.

    And putting what you claim is child porn or other illegal activities in my comments is not allowed.

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