Iranian Terror Cells Activated in America

Iran and other enemies of the U.S. know that now is the perfect time to strike at us because of out unstable economy and weak leadership. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a terror attack prior to the elections and more surprised if an Obama loss didn’t see riots in part provoked by foreign agents rock some of our major metropolitan areas.

From The Daily Caller:

Iranian assets positioned in the United States have been activated and are actively working to acquire intelligence and equipment that might be useful in terror attacks, according to a former member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

The information comes after a bus carrying Israeli youths exploded Wednesday in a Black Sea resort in Bulgaria, killing six and injuring 30 others. Fire engulfed the bus after the attack, which occurred as the bus was on its way back to the youths’ hotel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Iran and vowed to retaliate.

Ominously, the attack took place on the anniversary of the Jewish Community Center bombing in Buenos Aires, Argentina that killed 85 and injured more than 100 in 1994. Several Iranian officials were implicated in that attack, including the current Iranian defense minister, Ahmad Vahidi, who has been red-flagged by Interpol.

Assets of the regime have attacked Israeli officials and interests unsuccessfully before, such as in India, Bangkok, Azerbaijan and other places. However, as reported in March, the Islamic regime had warned America and Israel that the next terror attacks would be much more complex and devastating.

A source who served in the Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence unit and has now defected to a European country warned in April that the Islamic regime’s terror cells were on high alert, which includes for attacks in the U.S.

According to that source, and another located in the U.S., the regime’s assets have long infiltrated America and are coordinating operations out of mosques and Islamic centers, such as Imam Ali Mosques and the Iman Islamic Center.

The report goes on to point out that Iranian and Pakistani families with ties to diplomatic missions in the U.S. and Canada are actively gathering intel on targets for attacks and have been caught buying equipment that are banned from export by sanctions. More ominously it claims that the intelligence community thinks the actual acts will be carried out by agents of Mexican, American or Latin American origin. Be prepared.

h/t Shenandoah