The Democrats Do Indeed Have a Plan for Iraq

Total surrender. Followed no doubt by a Democrat led diplomatic mission where the victors in Iraq can give us their terms. Maybe they’ll only demand we leave Israel defenseless and watch from afar as all the Jews, Christians and other ethnic and religious minorities are enslaved and massacred in the middle east by victorious Jihadists.

And then they’d never attempt to conquer the world, and certainly could never become active on American soil.

It’d do America good to raise the white flag and run home with our collective tails tucked between our legs. Then the world would respect us more. Then they’d stop the genocide in Darfur, North Korea would disarm and radicalized Muslims would stop planning attacks on America. After all the World trade center bombing in the 90’s happened after we invaded Iraq, right?

Yeah, the Dems have a plan for Iraq. They want to turn it into a staging ground for the Jihadist movement to launch their crusade to take over the world.