Victimless Crime File: Bayron Reyes Lopez is a Doped Up Dog Killing Pervert

Bayron Reyes Lopez Dog Killing Pervert

The above photo is Bayron Reyes Lopez, a dog killing pervert who tried to attack a woman on the street while under the influence of drugs. The woman’s five-year-old miniature schnauzer bravely got between the two and sacrificed her life in defense of her master:

SAN CLEMENTE – What started out as a call about a loud radio early this morning ended with the arrest of a nude 26-year-old man who officials suspect killed a family dog with his bare hands, then poured hot coffee on his head while running naked in a tennis club, authorities said.

The dog’s owner said that if her 5-year-old mini schnauzer hadn’t run out in between her and the man, she would have been the one beaten to death.

“Rather than grab me, he focused on Kokanee and took his aggression out on her,” said Julie Donnelly, a nurse. “When Kokanee ran out in front, it gave me valuable seconds, valuable time to yell for people to help.”

Bayron Reyes Lopez has been arrested in the attack.

Investigators suspect that Lopez was under the influence of drugs when the pandemonium began shortly after 4:30 a.m., when deputies tried to contact him at his apartment.

Deputies were called to an apartment building in the 1100 block of Calle del Cerro because of a loud radio, said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. When deputies arrived, however, no one was there.

“We get there, go in the room, the guy is gone,” he said.

Authorities believe Lopez jumped from a third-story window when deputies arrived.

Yeah. High people are awesome. The picture above? His mugshot. Even after being arrested he thought this was all a big joke. But of course if drugs were legal this wouldn’t have happened as a commenter on a drug related dog abuse story I did about a year ago explained to me:

Carl said,

on January 3rd, 2010 at 2:55 pm

I have a fairly simple answer as to why legalizing cannabis may have prevented this crime.

By consuming an illegal herb, the perpetrator was spurred on to commit further illegal acts. If the herb in question were legal, it would be more likely that a culture of responsibility would develop concerning it, and the users of the drug might behave more responsibly.

There is nothing inherent to cannabis which causes violent behavior, and it is only the stupidity of the user in question which caused him to act that way, reflecting the stupidity of the law concerning cannabis. Stupidity begets stupidity after all.

Right. There is nothing inherent in a substance that causes intoxication that makes people behave in an intoxicated way. Got it. I mean, the responsible drinking culture here and in England proves that making a substance legal ends drunken brawls, rapes, and highway fatalities.

Via Fox L.A. here’s video:

h/t Dreamin’ Demon

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