We Get Around

I just noticed Red Alerts has it’s own entry on The Witchipedia which I never heard of and didn’t notice because it sends me no traffic. I do however appreciate the link and since I’ll be starting a new blogroll next month now is as good a time as any to let you know to send me a link to your blog for some linky goodness. It’s also a good time to thank some long time supporters who kept linking here even when we shut down. Thanks to:

Zionism’s Survival

Jihad Watch

Dream Catchers for Abused Children

Most Wanted NC

Trench Reynolds

The Dead Kids of MySpace

Great Satan’s Girlfriend

Gates of Vienna

Tundra Tabloids


Knight of Pan

Intergalactic Source of Truth

And of course the great PJ Deneen who was one of the first to recognize Red Alerts as a conservative Pagan blog.

There are plenty of others I’m missing but thanks to everyone and contact me to be included on the new blogroll.