Mexican Mafia “Greenlights” Pinal County Sheriff

The Mexican Mafia, or Eme, has “green lighted” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. A green light means that the higher ups want anyone who has a chance to take out the target. The most infamous Eme green light recently was all Black people in any Mexican hood leading to cases of Mexican Mafia affiliated gangs ethnically cleansing American cities.

Eme is not a Mexican organization however, it is a prison gang made up of Mexican-Americans that offers protection to Mexicans going into the system and thus takes control of many of the smaller gangs outside. The F.B.I. has great intel on Eme and describes the gang thusly:

The Mexican Mafia, also known as the New Family, is a militant revolutionary group in the California Prison System. They are known to use violent and disruptive attacks against the California Department of Correction Authority. They engage in rebellion, insurrection and destruction of Prison property. This group is made up of primarily Mexican-American convicts from the barrios of East Los Angeles. They have expanded power outside of the penal facilities and are organized into ethnic groups who are trying to control narcotics, contract killings, robbery and forgery. This group is antiblack and has aligned itself with the Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacy movement .

That last part is important because through their alliance with the Aryan Brotherhood, which is the de facto affiliation of all White prison bound 1%ers, Eme has connections with The Hell’s Angels, The Iron Horsemen, and The Sons of Silence. The Alliance with the Aryan Brotherhood also allies Eme with White Supremacist gangs and organizations like The Nazi Low Riders, Public Enemy No 1 and even the Ku Klux Klan, all of whom rely on the protection of the Brotherhood when in prison.

The fact that the Mexican Mafia is openly threatening American law enforcement on behalf of the Cartels shows how chaotic the border is and who, in the underworld’s mind at least, is really in control of our border states.

Via Breitbart: