Mexican Newspaper Asks Cartels What They Can and Cannot Print

From MSNBC via the Infidel Blogger’s Alliance:

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — The biggest newspaper in Mexico’s most violent city is to restrict drug war coverage after the killing of its second journalist in less than two years, just as international press representatives will urge the government to make security for journalists a national priority.

In a front-page editorial Sunday, El Diario de Juarez asked drug cartels warring in this city across from El Paso, Texas, to say what they want from the newspaper, so it can continue its work without further death, injury or intimidation of its staff.

“Leaders of the different organizations that are fighting for control of Ciudad Juarez: The loss of two reporters from this publishing house in less than two years represents an irreparable sorrow for all of us who work here, and, in particular, for their families,” the editorial said.

“We ask you to explain what you want from us, what we should try to publish or not publish, so we know what to expect,” it added.

The cartel’s control over the media now just solidifies their legitimate claim to being a parallel authority in Northern Mexico. The Mexican state has failed.

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  1. Rob Taylor,

    You’re Welcome. I knew this was something you’d think was important. Its really upsetting. We’d better be able to protect ourselves from this, even if the people of Mexico. This just makes me glad that we still have the second amendment.

  2. By they way I meant to say thank you, but I got You’re Welcome and thank you confused for some reason. No big deal.

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