Death Knell of the Republic

There is an assumption on the right that though our opponents on the opposite side of the aisle may believe in Marxist principles or adopt revolutionary leftist tactics and ideas that at the end of the day they are Americans first, as proud and patriotic as the rest of us. We call their support for socialist programs misguided; we call their obsession with disarming us fearful childlike naivety. We go through life assuming that the left/right divide in this country could be bridged through discussion and debate, that we can woo hardened revolutionaries to the cause of freedom, liberty and prosperity no matter how pointless and hopeless it seems. Thus for too long the future of our country, our families and our American republic has been jeopardized by the invisible hand of a visible enemy as we ignore, again and again, the words and deeds of the radical left, the so called progressives, who have openly told us for generations that their goal is the destruction of western civilization, and the implementation of an academist utopia wherein the new elite, composed of the unproductive and nihilistic post-modernists that parasitically live in the bowels of our higher education system will become an ever present oligarchy in total control of our lives.

It is time to wake up. It is a dangerous fantasy to write off the revolutionary fervor of the activist left as puerile grandstanding that will end when those people are faced with the responsibilities and realities of adulthood. The Baby Boomer generation has proven that what we think of as teen rebellion can last a lifetime and have devastating consequences for our nation, yet we still cling to the belief that leftists are good natured friends and neighbors who are simply wrong about some policy or another. For more than 30 years leftists have bombed, rioted, murdered, raped and killed hundreds of their fellow Americans and we reward them by making their leaders college professors, by giving their ideological brethren our children to educate, by allowing them to bankrupt our country using their union and community organization front groups. We allowed them to continue to fester and drive America, and the Republican ideal, to the brink where we now teeter precariously as we enter financial ruin.

And in our darkest hour, with Wahhabism and Salafism ascendant in the Muslim world, Europe collapsing into chaos and a Soviet style bloc forming on our southern border America is being led by the very epitome of the academic leftist, whose foreign and domestic policies could just as easily have been hatched in an undergraduate sociology classroom as in a Washington think tank, and is just as radical and anti-Republic as any policy supported by Stalin or Mao. Americans have stood by dumbfounded as President Obama and the Stalinist kleptocracy he heads have nationalized banks then bullied those institutions into supporting policies designed to destroy our wealth. We’ve watched in horror as car companies were taken over and small businesses without the right connections were penalized, while Democratic donors have been enriched. We stand by as thugs from A.C.O.R.N. are being used to collect census data, Obama builds a civilian paramilitary and the Democrats lie, cheat and steal their way into a permanent majority, and all the while our leaders on the right tell us it’s still possible live as one People, one Nation, one Republic.

But what good is a Republic where rule of law is replaced by the tyranny of the masses? What kind of nation are we being told to be part of if we have an unelected elite dictating policy to our officials? I ask you, are these your people? Are you willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with people who seek to strip you of your rights, your dignity and your humanity? The only way to peacefully coexist with the rising tide of progressivism is to become slaves to a state run by people who believe that you and your desire to live free are not just threats to world peace, but fundamentally evil.

Right now the republic of Honduras has exerted the primacy of rule of law and refused to allow a communist lackey of Hugo Chavez to orchestrate a bloodless coup by holding an illegal election which would have violated the Constitution of that great country. In response Chavez has threatened invasion of the sovereign country, the European Union has cut diplomatic ties and the American news media is literally shilling for the return of the leftist dictator who is a criminal in his country. In a move that should have shocked no one, Obama publicly cut military ties with Honduras in an act that was little more than implicit permission for Chavez to invade our ally.

Predictably many on the right treated this betrayal of Republican ideals as if Obama simply didn’t understand the import of what he did. People compared his tepid reactions to the brutal and thuggish crackdown by the Iranian theocracy on protesters to his anger at Honduran enforcement of the laws of their land and came away with the laughable conclusion that Obama simply doesn’t know what he’s doing. But this caricature of President Obama as a bumbling buffoon, a 21st Century Jimmy Carter, is a gross underestimation of a pernicious and resolute enemy that has installed a like-minded radical in our highest office and buffered him with a stolen majority in our legislative bodies. Most of all, it minimizes the danger America, and indeed liberty itself faces today.

In a few days a book called The Coming Insurrection, written by apocalyptic anarchists in the wake of the horrible riots that engulfed France in 2005, will be available in America and already the same leftist groups whose ideology President Obama and the progressives represent are preparing to use the book’s call to violence against people like you and me to cause the sort of civil unrest that the authoritarians need to consolidate even more power. All the while the authorities will no doubt allow the targets of the political violence, Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Capitalists and small business owners, to be swept away in the tide of persecution and bloodshed driven by the current of class warfare, class envy and minority grievance mongering that the academic left replaced education with in our school system. We stand on the precipice today and it is now our decision whether we step off into oblivion or stand up against the totalitarian horde and defend our liberty as savagely as they try to take it.

The storm that was once on the horizon is now here; it carries tyranny in its wind and it will drown those who do nothing in a torrent of oppression. If we do nothing, if we continue to reach out to the enemy within our country while they continue reach out to the enemies without we will find ourselves holding only our own destruction. We have never been so close to war in this country in my lifetime and the forces of liberty seem intent on taking the Chamberlain-like road we so often accuse our ideological opponents of being on. But make no mistake, our so-called friends on the left are not pacifists looking to avoid confrontation, but statists looking to stifle dissent and enforce ideological purity on America and the world. They hold no illusions as to the viability of continued coexistence with proponents of individual freedom, free markets and a rule of law that protects the hated minority with the “enlightened” elites who teach that pogroms and intimidation are acceptable political tools. They are not looking for middle ground on which to meet, but soft ground in which to bury us. They aren’t worried about building bridges, but burning houses and desecrating graves. The new left in this country will not settle for some imagined indefinite detente for America, but are actively working to destroy anything and everything that challenges their revolutionary worldview.

The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots, but how much blood do patriots in America still have? What is the line you won’t let America cross? What is your final straw? The second holocaust Obama seems intent on seeing happen on his watch? Our allies in Latin America invaded and destroyed by Communist regimes that will consolidate into a Soviet style federation just a missile away from our border states? Gun confiscation? Election fraud? Or will it be when Obama and the Democrats hold their own referendum to make him dictator for life? Where is our line in the sand?

I am not calling for civil war. I am not asking for people to fight. What I’m calling for is for you to stand up before the only option left is war. I’m asking for you to be as radical, passionate and dedicated to freedom and liberty as the left has been. We must win this ideological battle and take back this country before there is no choice but to win a physical battle to keep small sections of it. We must organize, we must rally and we must prepare for what is the greatest threat to America we have ever seen and barely notice.

Ammunition Stockpile Numbers not Adding Up?

I was reading this old post by gun blogger Mr. Completely about ammo shortages and he made a compelling point. Can the ammo buying spree of many gun owners (including myself) really explain the shortages we’re seeing?

I’m pretty sure that’s NOT what’s causing the shortage. Here’s why. The manufacturers are making ammunition as fast as they can, producing more than they did last year. The consumers are buying everything that shows up on the retailers shelves. The fishy part, though, is that none of the retailers are able to get anywhere near the amount of inventory they were getting last year.

In short, the manufacturers are building lots of ammo, but the retailers aren’t getting it. It appears to be disappearing BEFORE it gets to the stores. It’s getting pushed into the pipeline at one end, but it’s not coming out the other. It appears there is a “leak” in the pipeline. In most cases, between the manufacturer and the retailer is a distributor, a warehouse that buys from the manufacturers and sells to the retailers, often called the “Middle Man”. Some of the big outfits, like Walmart, do their own distribution. I’ve talked to the guys in my local Walmart and they tell me they can’t get anything. Ace hardware, the same story. Sportsman’s Warehouse? Cabela’s? Pretty much the same story. No ammo, no powder, no primers. Just about everything is unavailable.

It looks like somebody, somewhere, is sitting in the middle and soaking up most of the production. The military? Why would they be stocking up on calibers that they don’t use? Law enforcement? Not likely.

I have no idea what’s going on, but it just isn’t adding up. I do know that if you want to disarm a country and you haven’t been able to ban their guns, if you can dry up the ammunition and reloading supplies, you have essentially disarmed them, even if they DO still have their guns………..

Hmmm. I’m not sure but I have noticed the big boxes aren’t re-stocking some calibers (like my precious 20ga slugs) at all in my neck of the woods. It’s possible they’re sitting on ammo waiting for demand to reach a point where they can charge even more outrageous sums due to the metals prices spiking, but right now we’re paying insane premiums as it is. I’m paying more than a dollar a bullet for .327 Federal, and can’t even get .32 H&R. Don’t talk to me about 20ga, I just saw a box of ten slugs at Dick’s going for over $20. The shelves at my Wal-Mart have not restocked certain calibers since the crisis began, but I find it hard to believe that manufacturers aren’t upping their production to take advantage of the demand.

Anyone else have theories?

1,226,980+ Guns Sold in April

Looks like Americans aren’t buying the Democrats’ claim that they’re not looking to pass new gun restrictions. On the plus side an armed society is a polite (and home invasion free) society. But I’m having a hell of a time getting ammunition for my babies. From Ammoland:

NEWTOWN, Conn. – The upward trend in firearms sales continued in April, marking the sixth consecutive month of significant increases.

Data released by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) reported 1,225,980 checks in April 2009. This figure is a 30.3 percent increase from the 940,961 reported in April 2008.

FBI background checks are required under federal law for all individuals purchasing either new or used firearms from federally licensed retailers. The checks serve as a gauge of actual sales but do not reflect the actual number of firearms sold, since, following a background check, a customer may decide not to purchase a firearm or may purchase more than one firearm.

The April increase follows a 29.2 percent gain in March and rises of 23 percent in February, 28 percent in January, 24 percent in December and 42 percent in November when a record 1,529,635 background checks were performed.

From my cold dead hands indeed. But instead of just stocking up on guns why not join the National Rifle Association and help the people working to protect your 2nd Amendment rights? Join the N.R.A.

Proud to be a Republican: Steele’s Speech to the RNC

I’m a Republican which means I have some ideas considered Conservative but I am first and foremost a Reaganite Republican. I want social cons in the GOP but I don’t want them to run the GOP. I like Libertarianism, but I don’t want the GOP to become Libertarian. I’m a pro-gun, pro-choice, pro-gay civil union national defense hawk who wants limited government and low taxes at home. There should be room for me and people like Ron Paul, Michelle Malkin and even Meghan McCain in the GOPs big patriotic tent.

As Doctor Zero points out in this Greenroom piece on Hot Air that can’t happen without solid Republican leadership that can unite us despite our differences, and even enforce a little party discipline when necessary. I have always though Michael Steele was the man for that job and his remarkable speech, via Townhall, proves it. Watch and feel proud of the GOP again:

Part I:


Part II:


Part III: