The TEOTWAWKI is Accelerating Link Round-Up

What happened to all those green shoots?

Stocks rose as the Fed pledged to keep rates low. If the economy was on track they could raise the rates couldn’t they? This is also more punishing of savers who are losing money to inflation by trying to be fiscally responsible. But hey, Wall Street likes it!

New York is suspending payments of tax refunds as their coffers run dry. They’re holding on to as much as possible until April 1st to try to squeeze out every last penny of interest they can. A half billion dollars in tax revenue is being held onto, as well as another billion and a half of payments meant to go to schools and local governments.

Housing construction fell almost 6% in February. The MSM blames the snow, but who will they blame when the new numbers come out?

Construction unemployment is at 21.7%

Corporate junk bond debt bomb set to go off in 2012. May not be the end of the world, but it’ll be the end of a lot of jobs.

Seed prices have been rising while seed companies consolidate. Food inflation is on its way.

Credit card companies have been forced to write off at least 90% of their charge offs for last year. In other words, people are just defaulting on the debt to the tune of $84 billion, which means less credit and higher rates for the rest of us.

FedEx analysts say a double dip recession is all but inevitable.

Author of The Black Swan Nassim Taleb thinks we’re headed for hyperinflation.

The States are in too deep a hole to get out of.

Washington state Walgreens stores have already stopped taking new Medicaid accounts at their pharmacies because the state is reimbursing them at rates that don’t cover the overhead of the pharmacies.

Keep counting those green shoots America!

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The Financial Armageddon is Coming Link Round-Up

What happened to all those “green shoots” we heard about? Joblessness continues to drag down the economy and the government is doing its damnedest to make things worse:

Shadow Stats founder John Williams has just announced that he sees no way for America to avoid a hyper-inflationary depression.

Demand for new workers in America continues to collapse.

Moody’s is predicting banks will remain unprofitable for the 2010 fiscal year.

The Obama administration is actually implementing a program to encourage the short selling of homes by troubled borrowers.

Unemployment has risen in 30 states.

Sales tax rates hit are at record highs as states and municipalities struggle to make ends meet.

The proposed Illinois state budget is based on borrowing billions of dollars from the government.

Detroit is looking at a plan to de-populate parts of the city and de-industrialize, turning other parts into farmland.

Needless to say, this looks less like green shoots and more like a slow slide into second world status. Are you prepared?

Red Tide Link Round-Up

And you thought communism was dead? Think again:

A senior People’s Liberation Army official has just penned a book calling for China to aggressively act to dethrone America as the world’s superpower. Other P.L.A. officials have stated that war with the United States is not only inevitable but in their country’s interest.

C.B.S. has video of a Pentagon worker selling secrets to Chinese spies.

Vladimir Putin is calling for development of a new long range strategic bomber to upgrade Russia’s military capability.

FARC and ETA terrorists have been coordinating with the Hugo Chavez government according to a Spanish court. They even targeted Columbian president Eribe for assassination during his visit to Spain.

Narco-violence is so bad in Mexico that the U.S. closed our consulate. The Gulf Cartel is not only shooting it out with Mexican military, but photos in this post (graphic, be warned) show that they actually fly banners on their vehicles identifying themselves as Cartel soldiers.

Uruguay has elected former Communist insurgent Jose Mujica President. Aside from Hugo Chavez and other Red dictators the swearing in was attended by Hilary Clinton, who pledged her support to the Marxist dictator in training.

Violent leftists rioted on the Berkley campus over tuition hikes. There are unconfirmed rumors that many of the rioters were not even students.

The head of the International Monetary Fund is calling for a new reserve currency to replace the dollar.

The Fabian Socialist Labour Party has been infiltrated by Jihadists. This seems to be news to the British.

Supposed “Patriot” and known grifter Alex Jones was on state run Russian television promoting an anti-American conspiracy theory that coincidentally is being promoted by leftist rags like The Palestinian Telegraph and the Communist Party run Pravda. It’s almost like he’s a communist plant…

Lefty ne’er-do-well Daniel Johnson thinks we Americans are living under the “tyranny” of the Bill of Rights. I’m not kidding.

Victimless Crime File: Meet Tonya Marie Stalwick

Tonya Stalwick Pot Smoking Pervert

Here she is stoners! Tonya Marie Stalwick is looking for love and has profiles on all the “420” sites  so you can get in touch with her between toking up and passing around Ron Paul agi-prop. Never mind that she’s a new mother who lives in a trailer with a drunken slattern of a mother and is a registered sex offender. She’s “cool” and no one has the right to judge her. From C.S.N.:

Tonya’s a single mom raising a small child. Tonya’s also a big marijuana fan. She belongs to quite a few “420” websites, where she is usually known as “Rockinitbarefoot.” 420 is a subculture term for potheads. On Tonya’s MySpace, she shows photos taken during a roadtrip with her friend. Her infant son came along for the ride, too. The photos show one of the women smoking something that doesn’t quite look like a Camel or Marlboro.

On August 27, 2002 Tonya Marie Stalwick of Butte, Montana was sentenced to 2nd degree criminal sexual conduct –qualifying her for entry on the Montana Sexual or Violent Offender Registry.

Her registry lists her offense as Criminal Sexual Contact in the 2nd degree which happened in Minnesota. Here’s a link to the law but I’ll nutshell it for you. She either molested a child or forced someone to have sex with her or someone else. But I’m sure she’s pretty mellow. She just needs more pot.

This is who you meet when you get high. Scumbags and weirdos. Which brings me to her Youtube channel. Want to see family time in the Stalwick household?

Yes, that’s Tonya’s mother and yes this does explain everything.

But I’m sure all you pot heads out there are really much different than this cretin, so give go get her!

Understanding Islam Link Round-Up

A blog called Islam, Islamism and the Far/Hard Left has an excellent deconstruction of Tariq Ramadan’s call for non-Muslims to “learn about” Islam and all its wonders. I think a simple perusal of the news of the day provides a much better view of Islam and how it interacts with non-Muslims than anything Ramadan would recommend and there are sources much more trustworthy than Ramadan that will help you understand Jihadism:

Jews are fleeing Malmo Sweden. Read this article to understand how bad things are in Europe due to the leftist/Islamist alliance. (h/t Brad Thor, author of the excellent thriller The Apostle)

Jews are being attacked by gangs of Muslims in France.

Via Gateway Pundit here is United American Committee video of a pro-Hezbollah/pro-Iraqi “Resistance” rally held in Paris. After the rally a McDonald’s and several cars were set ablaze:

Muslims are beginning the rape Jihad in Toronto.

N.T.A: “Najibullah Zazi, a 25-year-old former Denver airport shuttle driver, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country and providing material support to Al Qaeda.”

Saudi family held Catholic maid captive for three years.

Bangladeshi maids beaten and raped by Saudi employers.

Transvestites are being exterminated by Muslims in Turkey.

Five Muslim soldiers are suspected of trying to poison their fellow recruits at Ft. Jackson.

Hezbollah has an extensive presence in Latin America, and they are threatening attacks on America if Iran is attacked.

Former 60s playboy Ian Dallas is now the leader of a world wide Islamist hate cult called Murabitun Worldwide Movement which among other things calls for the end of the “Jewish dominated” Western world to be replaced with Islamism. He is now calling for Sharia law in London. He has supporters in Stormfront and other White Nationalist movements.

Pakistani textbooks teach children to hate Hindus.

Dallas C.A.I.R. leader deported for supporting terrorism.

A Dutch town pays tribute to a Muslim gang to keep them from causing trouble.

For comparison, here’s video of angry Coptic Christians protesting in New York. No fires were set after the protest even though they have a legitimate grievance. By grievance I mean they are being exterminated in Egypt while the world does nothing:

Odd how stark the difference is between the behavior of middle eastern Christians and Muslims of any stripe. Despite what Mr. Ramadan claims I think we in the West understand Islam completely.

Thanks to Religion of Peace for several links.