Red Tide Link Round-Up

And you thought communism was dead? Think again:

A senior People’s Liberation Army official has just penned a book calling for China to aggressively act to dethrone America as the world’s superpower. Other P.L.A. officials have stated that war with the United States is not only inevitable but in their country’s interest.

C.B.S. has video of a Pentagon worker selling secrets to Chinese spies.

Vladimir Putin is calling for development of a new long range strategic bomber to upgrade Russia’s military capability.

FARC and ETA terrorists have been coordinating with the Hugo Chavez government according to a Spanish court. They even targeted Columbian president Eribe for assassination during his visit to Spain.

Narco-violence is so bad in Mexico that the U.S. closed our consulate. The Gulf Cartel is not only shooting it out with Mexican military, but photos in this post (graphic, be warned) show that they actually fly banners on their vehicles identifying themselves as Cartel soldiers.

Uruguay has elected former Communist insurgent Jose Mujica President. Aside from Hugo Chavez and other Red dictators the swearing in was attended by Hilary Clinton, who pledged her support to the Marxist dictator in training.

Violent leftists rioted on the Berkley campus over tuition hikes. There are unconfirmed rumors that many of the rioters were not even students.

The head of the International Monetary Fund is calling for a new reserve currency to replace the dollar.

The Fabian Socialist Labour Party has been infiltrated by Jihadists. This seems to be news to the British.

Supposed “Patriot” and known grifter Alex Jones was on state run Russian television promoting an anti-American conspiracy theory that coincidentally is being promoted by leftist rags like The Palestinian Telegraph and the Communist Party run Pravda. It’s almost like he’s a communist plant…

Lefty ne’er-do-well Daniel Johnson thinks we Americans are living under the “tyranny” of the Bill of Rights. I’m not kidding.