Union Thugs Assaulting and Harassing Workers in from Vale Inco!

Vale Inco has been engaged in ongoing negotiations with United Steel Workers Local 6500 who are on strike. Rather than bargain in good faith the union thugs have been stalking and assaulting people who don’t support them and the milquetoast Canadian government is doing nothing to stop it.

From The Chronicle Herald:

SUDBURY, Ont. — Striking union members in Sudbury, Ont., have engaged in “unlawful thuggery” by threatening personnel during a bitter seven-month strike at Vale Inco, the company alleges in a lawsuit.

United Steelworkers Local 6500 and some of its members have posted personal information about people who are continuing to work during the strike, which has led to intimidation, threats and an assault, the mining giant alleges in its more than $1-million lawsuit.

“This has not been a peaceful strike,” the company writes in a statement of claim, filed in Superior Court in Sudbury.

“Masked picketers have engaged in criminal conduct, including an assault of a Vale Inco employee and the sabotage of Vale Inco property.”

People on the picket lines have set large fires so trucks carrying explosives and fuel can’t cross, hydro wires have been cut, rail equipment has been damaged and roads have been littered with nail spikes to puncture truck tires, the statement of claim alleges.

The allegations have not been proven in court.

Maybe the suit hasn’t been proven in court but the union itself is not shy about continuing to participate in this despicable and cowardly behavior. On their website they have a section entitled “Know your Scabs” which has pictures and names of people crossing their lines, and when photos don’t have names, pleas for “information” on the subject. Clearly they are inviting violence toward these people.

There is also a section for Vale Inco management and staff and security among others. The site proudly boasts in the sidebar that they have been able to get eight scabs to quit since posting the photos.

But intimidation and threats have nothing to do with that I’m sure.

Don’t look for much coverage of this in our lefty MSM. I found out about it from a 1%er website. I wonder why that is?

When will the Canadians stop the USW from this criminal activity?

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