Andrew Stone: Portrait of the New Left

Michelle Malkin has the scoop on the man of unknown political affiliation who attacked a group of college kids in their own home because he found out one of them was a Republican. Unsurprisingly, everything one would assume about Andrew Stone, upon hearing the bare bones reporting by Keith Epps, turns out to be true.

Michelle Malkin’s post, which features the story of what happened that night told by the victim, is padded out with screen shots of his on-line activities which included making death threats and joining an anti-Israeli group on Facebook (why a grown man needs a Facebook page I don’t know) where he authored such rational discourse as:

“It’s cunts like Danny that justify my hatred of Israeli kykes”

“…God Bless the PLO…”

Well, you get the idea. After the assault, the victim and his roommates found a list of College Republicans on their porch assuredly fallen from the pocket of Stone. Again not surprisingly it included the names of women that Stone was apparently planning to assault as well.

Violent, bigoted and seemingly unaware that there are consequences for one’s own actions, Andrew Stone provides us with a portrait of the “New Left” who see fellow Americans who disagree with them politically as more of a threat to them then theocratic terrorists who want to force the world to accept their very anti-Liberal policies on women, freedom and individual rights. Raised in privilege by parents who felt no need to restrict his behavior, Stone thought that his actions were acceptable, was shocked no doubt to be arrested for trespassing and assault and battery. He will be lionized by his friends, all of whom are exactly like himself, for physically attacking a group of people who’ve never even met the man before the incident.

Andrew Stone is everything the Left wants in its new generation, which scares me, and should scare you.

Stone’s out on bail but judging from his Internet screeds, which seem to mostly focus on his belief that all Republicans are “cowards” for being concerned about terrorism, we haven’t hear the last of Andrew Stone. Or someone just like him.