DailyKos Accused of Anti Semitism … By A Kossack!

Usually it’s the “wingnuts” who point out the massive amounts of pro-Islamist anti-Zionist propaganda that usually crosses the line into anti-semitism which is all over the left side of the Blogosphere. Deep down I knew actual liberals would be bothered by the disgusting rise in anti-semitic rhetoric from progressives, a by-product of their alliance with Islamic Imperialists, but I always assumed they’d toe the line and remain silent.

Now one former Kossack has spoken out in what he claims will be his last diary at the site. It is a poignant piece detailing the feelings of many liberals and progressives, especially Jewish and Israeli liberals, on seeing their movement turn their back on them and embrace those who want them dead:

Not a word on the hundreds of thousand of Jews expelled from the Arab countries and rehabilitated in Israel. Easier to blame Israel for not committing suicide by letting the Palestinian refugees back in, not blaming the Arab world for keeping them poor and desperate.

And Yet – every Palestinian village of an order of a hundred people is known, mapped, tracked and valued – not for their sake, but as another self righteous spike on a club bashing my nation’s collective head.

Barely a word for Darfur – Israel has been in a diary on dkos over 5000 times in the past year, Darfur less then 1000. How many thousands continue to be killed there by Muslims? If I did not know better I would think that on dkos bashing Israel was more important than saving lives. But what has gone in Sudan? Only 2 million dead versus the circa 7 thousand in the I/P conflict in the same period.

Why don’t people on dkos go for boycotting Pakistan? After all its troops killed and displaced about 1.5 million people in Bangladesh during the 1970’s… but since Muslims did the killing, no one cares for those lives or those people’s “Right of Return”…

Thinking I am going too far back? What about 100,000 people killed by Indonesia in East Timor barely a decade past? Where are the maps? the endless legalese debates on definitions and conventions and treaties???
Oh, right. Indonesians are not Jews, but Muslims.

Read the whole thing, especially the comments.

h/t LGF