Michael Coren on the “Caledonia 8”

Six years ago a group of “Indigenous” Canadians, led by White communists and anarchists, assaulted and occupied land in Caledonia section of Ontario, Canada. Using the supposed breaking of a treaty as a pretext (and no real consensus has ever been reached on that point) “Native” protesters – and by “Native” we are also talking about a contingent of Ward Churchill style Indians – began a campaign of extortion, harassment and violence against White, Black and Asian Canadians. The violence was so bad many of the residents of Caledonia were not only hospitalized but permanently disabled by beatings administered by protesters. Residents of Caledonia had their homes and property stolen and re-distributed by the “protesters” and there have been several murders associated with the protesters.

In other words it’s a lot like what Occupy Wall Street wants to become. This report has a comprehensive list of the atrocities committed by these anarchists complete with pictures of the damage.

The worst part of the story though has always been the fact that Canadian police and the court system sided with the protesters, going so far as refusing to protect the populace from the rampage. This has resulted in several multi-million dollar lawsuits that the crumbling province can not afford.

The police have arrested eight people recently in the area – for protesting the violence. The charges were dropped and the group is planning another protest. Micheal Coren interviews one in this clip. I post this because the Caledonia occupation is a template radicals use to plan their attacks. Occupy Wall Street is already using this playbook so it is instructive to see the damage these tactics can cause over time:

3 thoughts on “Michael Coren on the “Caledonia 8”

  1. Canadians need to learn the concept of self-defense fast, along with what the American brand of 2nd Amendment means…..then these Commies won’t be bothering them anymore.

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  3. How insane. This is the first I’ve heard of this. It does sound just like the Occupation and Tea Party scenario where the Occupiers are made out to be the poor victims of society and Canadian Patriots are *obviously* a bunch of racists.

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