Norm Coleman’s House Vandalized by Democrats

He’s in a battle for his seat with Al Franken and Franken supporters are acting as classy as you would expect:

ST. PAUL (AP) – A spokesman for Sen. Norm Coleman says that vandals wrote graffiti on the garage of his St. Paul home that called the senator “scum” and a “criminal.”

Coleman and his wife, Laurie, live in the Crocus Hill neighborhood of St. Paul. Spokesman Mark Drake says Wednesday morning that grafitti left on the outside of the garage says: “You are a criminal resign or else”; “Scum,” which is written three times; and “Psalm 2.”

Coleman is a former mayor of St. Paul, and has lived in the home on a residential street near the Victoria’s Crossing shopping area for almost 20 years.

A spokesman for the St. Paul Police Department didn’t immediately return a call seeking more information on the incident.

“Resign or else” sounds like the Democrats are right where Franken and company want them, in a frenzy of bloodlust. Stay safe Norm.

Gateway Pundit is reporting that Coleman’s wife was home during the attack. She’s obviously worried about how far they perpetrators will go next time:

Laurie Coleman, the senator’s wife, said she and her daughter Sarah were home when the vandals marked their garage.

She said the incident was frightening. Laurie Coleman said she never felt unsafe in the neighborhood, although there was at least one previous incident of someone marking the family’s garage with “foul language.”

This incident, however, is different, she said.

“This is just threatening,” Laurie Coleman said.

St. Paul police have been at the home and Capitol police in Washington, D.C., have been notified of the incident, Erickson said.

Panos said he expected increased police patrols around Coleman’s home.

The other incidents have been at the homes of U.S. Reps. Michele Bachmann in Stillwater, Jim Ramstad in Minnetonka and John Kline in Lakeville during the current campaign season, Panos said.

Coleman’s campaign said the senator will make a statement this afternoon about the vandalism at his home.

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