Were Mexican Soldiers Involved in Phoenix Home Invasion?

Early reports are that at least one of three men who murdered a man at a Phoenix grow house is an active duty member of the Mexican military who crossed the border with police issue tactical equipment with the intent of committing home invasions. Via KFYI we have police documents that show the three were highly trained in entry tactics and were well armed with military style weapons and armor.

Another document shows that Phoenix police are panicked by the bust, which included the suspects’ attempt to ambush responding officers. The fear is that the militarized cartels are sending their merc forces across the border as they secure Old Mexico and opening up a new front in their own drug war.

Daniel Garcia-Saenz, 24; Manual Garcia-Trejom, 25; and Rodolfo Madrigal Lopez, 19 were all apprehended at the scene, where police are reporting that almost 100 rounds were fired, killing Andrew Williams. Police believe there are three additional suspects still on the loose.

Newer reports say the men aren’t active members of the military but no one has explained where they received their tactical training. See-dubya blogging for Michelle Malkin reminded us that the Mexican Army has violated the border several times.

Fox News is also on this one.

Update: Via N.T.A. we have an interview from the J.D. Hayworth radio program with Phoenix Law Enforcement Association President Mark Spencer. Spencer is saying the home invaders are either active duty or former military and ticks off the reasons why he believes this is so:

Listen to the J.D. Hayworth interview.