Muslims Protest Their “Hurt Feelings” with Calls for Murder and Mayhem

As usual the Muslim world exploded after Friday prayers as Muslims filled with the peaceful knowledge of Allah took to the streets for the strangely effeminate orgies of violence and angst that characterize the culture of any country where fundamentalist Islam holds sway.

These protests are supposedly aimed at voicing the outrage of Muslims over Salman Rushdie receiving a Knighthood, a crime which has exposed yet again oversensitivity of Muslims when it comes to being questioned on on their faith. Of course the fact that they’ve responded by honoring Osama Bin laden is glossed over, they themselves claiming it is a equivalent response. It is this and only this which Americans need dwell on, because it exposes the truth about the Islamic world in a way that cannot be covered up by a complicit media.

No state that refers to itself as “Islamic” can ever be trusted as an ally to a western republic. This isn’t the case just because there are large swaths of Muslims who equate Salman Rushdie’s early works with mass murder, because I frankly doubt that they do for the most part. What the “sudden” affection for Bin Laden shows us is that secretly these people, some of them members and supporters of governments we blindly call allies, have always honored Bin Laden. That it is fear of Bush and a lust for our foreign aid that bonds Pakistan and other Muslim countries to us should have been obvious, but most Americans didn’t want to face that truth because of the dire implications for us. The Muslim world wants America conquered and destroyed.

Bin Laden is most famous for his “war” against the U.S. Why then is he being invoked in a disagreement between Pakistan (and the Islamic world) and Britain? Why not some Islamist from England? Because Rushdie’s Knighthood is just a pretext for Islamists to voice their real opinions. When they honor Bin Laden it isn’t in protest of Salman Rushdie, it is in celebration of the 3000 people who died on 9-11. When they call for Rushdie’s death it isn’t to right some perceived wrong, it’s to extend Islamic hegemony over the world.

Islam today is like Christianity in the middle ages, its followers are completely dedicated to spreading a theocracy around the world. Christianity’s brutality, which was extreme, was nonetheless tempered by its own theology, a reformation and a slow push toward modernity. Islam has none of those things. The only barrier to the installation of a genocidal, racist worldwide kingdom of Muslim slave owners is the resistance of the rest of the non-Muslim world, which is unfortunately next to nonexistent.

After Rushdie it’ll be the Lord of the Rings (remember the wicked men of the east who helped Sauron?) that inflames the Islamic world, then maybe Alice Cooper and eventually national sovereignty. They will riot and burn and pillage their way into dominance over us unless we stand united in defense of western tradition, freedom, liberty and today Salman Rushdie.

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