13 Year Old Girl Pimps School Chums at Dallas Strip Club

The decline of Western Civilization continues apace:

DALLAS — She’s just 13 years old, a middle-schooler who is now facing charges involving a serious crime.

Police arrested the girl at a local nightclub where she was allegedly bringing other young girls to dance and to serve as prostitutes.

Investigators said the 13-year-old lured other girls to Club Metropolis, enticing them with the promise of money and even forcing some of them to dance and sell their bodies for sex.

“It’s a really horrendous affair,” said Dallas police Lt. Chess Williams.

Police estimate there are hundreds of teenage prostitutes on the streets of Dallas because there is a big demand. Recently, they found a 12-year-old girl dancing naked at a nightclub.

What the hell is going on in Dallas? A 12 year old girl dancing in a club? Hundreds of teen prostitutes?

There’s a video report at the link that gives more of the sordid details.

There’s also a report where the family of the littlest pimp and one of her victims explain that these aren’t hard luck cases, but seemingly nice normal middle class girls. Though if they weren’t forced by circumstance into the sex industry I predict some adult in the area will have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Not to state the obvious, but how do 12 and 13 year olds even know where a strip club is? 13 year old pimp my ass, more like a 13 year old go between turned out by some scumbag who uses her to lure other children into his clutches.

h/t Crime Scene KC

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