Family of Baby Raping Murderer Josue Fraga Claims He Did Nothing Wrong!


Josue Fraga was asked to care for his niece when the little girl’s mother died. The two year old, Samantha Fraga, was murdered by this soulless monster who police suspect raped her to death:

Samantha Fraga died March 20 in Worthington. Josue Robles Fraga, 34, was arrested six days later.

Fraga made his first court appearance on the indictment Monday in Nobles County District Court, with bail set at $1 million. He is charged with first-degree murder while committing sexual assault and two counts of second-degree murder.

Fraga’s attorney, Christina Wietzema, said he denies the charges.

A medical examiner reported that Samantha died of head injuries, body bruises, injuries to her genitals and rectum and a ruptured stomach. Fraga’s brother, who lives in Texas, had turned over custoy of Samantha and her brother to Fraga and his wife.

Dreamin’ Demon has a time line of the events of the night which pretty much prove that Josue’s filthy degenerate wife would have had to have known what happened. Be warned, DD has graphic details of what has to be the crime of the century. In their forums DD member Kathy points out that Josue takes erectile dysfunction medication so the attack on the girl had to have been planned out in advance, meaning he’s not some out-of-control maniac but a calculating, evil bastard who deserves the death penalty.

The wife’s excuse is that she worked until 2:30am or so, but the baby’s time of death is around then and she claims to have checked on her later than that.

Yet rather than lay low and keep their mouths shut the cretin related to this rapist are aggressively defending him. Let me repeat that, the man that police caught red-handed because he, according to the case file which you can see here, had the girl’s feces on the front of his pants which detectives seized as evidence has a brother and wife telling any news crew that will listen that the man did nothing wrong:

The brother of Josue Fraga, the Worthington man accused of sexually assaulting and killing his 2 year old niece, is speaking out. When Jose Fraga watched his brother Josue go before a judge, the suspect’s wife, was also there. Jose says he can’t believe the allegations against his brother.

He says, “My brother’s always been a good parent to his kids. I mean, if there’s anything you can say about him, that’s one of the things. You know, he’s always looking out for the kids.”

But now, Josue Fraga is accused of brutal crimes inside his small mobile home. Police say he sexually assaulted and killed his niece, 2 year old Samantha Fraga. Jose says his brother was asked to care for Samantha and her brother after the children’s mother died. It seems the kids’ father couldn’t care for them on his own, but Josue was hesitant to take them in.

Jose says, “At the particular time, he didn’t want to because it’s a small trailer.”

Josue Fraga’s wife and four children were already living in the 2-bedroom mobile home. Jose says, “After making him feel bad and everything he said, yeah, sure, I’ll take ’em.”

But once Samantha Fraga came to live in her uncle’s mobile home, something terrible happened. While police say Josue Fraga is to blame, Jose says that doesn’t sound like the brother he knows. He says, “I’m just hoping that the justice system works.”

Jose Fraga says his brother was an interpreter for the court system and worked hard to support his family. But tonight, Josue Fraga remains behind bars in Nobles County, held on $500,000 bond.

Disgusting. Read through the complaint and you’ll see that the wife and brother are at least accessories after the fact. They haven’t been charged but it is reported that Josue was picked up with his wife and brother in a van, looking for the children the state took away, and that he might have planning to flee to his native Mexico.