Filthy Pervert Tom Madison Goes Ballistic on The Mike and Juliet Show

Tom Madison is a registered sex predator who claims to be an “activist” trying to change our country’s unfair treatment of people who rape and humiliate women and children. You can learn more about Madison by going to this Wikisposure page detailing his loathsomeness. Recently he appeared on The Mike and Juliet Show to try to convince the world he and degenerates like him are the victims of a right wing Stasi. Yes he uses the word Stasi in his description of American efforts to keep him from raping children.

Not content to have scarred his own teenage victim for life Madison goes on to prove my contention that all sex offenders are simply sadists who enjoy hurting others by screaming at the other panelists which include a woman who had been abused by someone just like him. If ever you though sex offenders were contrite citizens who learned their lesson and were stoically trying to move on with their lives watch his contemptuous dismissals of the pain he’s caused as he uses a flawed study to claim sex offenders aren’t as dangerous as other sorts of criminals:


I say that the study he cites is flawed because it purports to “prove” sex offenders are in general not dangerous by pointing out that “only” 3 out of every 10 they followed in a study re-offended. Clearly those people in the study were different than the average pedophile in that they were … being monitored. This would seem to support registration in my mind.

Either by the study group or the authorities, the sex offenders used for the study were being watched, and therefore were more likely to control their behavior. But even if the study was valid it only claims that people who beat their wives do so more regularly than people who molest children, or people prone to fighting in bars do so more often than Tom Madison rapes teen girls.

In reality this means absolutely nothing. Pedophiles molest children less often than wife beaters assault their spouses because they need to find opportunities to do so. Children don’t just run up to pedophiles and drop their pants looking to be scarred for life, the pedophile spends months or sometimes years grooming a child and family for abuse. The average pedophile doesn’t always have the opportunity to molest a child, while there is always an opportunity for a violent thug to assault someone.

But that’s a more in depth discussion than what we need here. Tom Madison was disrespectful, aggressive and lacked the basic empathy for victims normal humans have. These are the traits that fuel his “attraction” to teens. He hasn’t changed but is trying hard to convince the world not to watch him so he can find some other victim for his misogyny and anger, so he can destroy the innocence of another child.

Tom Madison and his fellow sex offender activists are little more than an apocalyptic sex cult. They hate the world, and its children especially and they have given themselves over to the basest animal impulses because they enjoy the pain they cause others with their unnatural acts. I’m glad Madison made this appearance so that the world can see how evil he really is.

h/t Absolute Zero

13 thoughts on “Filthy Pervert Tom Madison Goes Ballistic on The Mike and Juliet Show

  1. Have you heard of NAMBLA’s pro-Communist leanings by any chance? I know this article doesn’t talk about NAMBLA, but it’s quite interesting that pro-pedie activists like this take a page from the National Lawyers Guild, “legal” front group of the Communist Party USA in being so protective over those who do harm to children. The pro-Communist activist is Allen Ginsberg and he openly supported NAMBLA as a “gay rights” group, even when its members were caught distributing child porn! Now that’s downright ridiculous.

    I’m sure this Madison pinhead would like to see John Walsh close up shop of his America’s Most Wanted show.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of crossover between “progressives” and child molester apologists. It’s part of their plan to undercut traditional western values and create generations of scarred children willing to seek the safety of a powerful state.

  3. Guys like this one makes me so mad….. I just got to read your blogs and when I came to this one, I couldn’t believe my ears but then again you can’t expect anything good coming out of a scumbag like him….. these creeps live in another world were raping and molesting children is ok. they all should be put to death they are not worth the air they breath.

  4. You are a predator “Zman” but my readers will learn that tonight when I take time out from politics (Go Palin!) to do an expose of your perfidy. You’re typical of “progressives” (I saw you on Progressive U) minimizing the abuse you and Madison heap upon innocent victims while claiming you’re being “oppressed” even though your allowed to walk the streets unmolested.

    Maybe if you wouldn’t masturbate in front of children you wouldn’t be on the offender list, would you? That is preying on children.

  5. Well well well, wehave MORE propaganda from the cyber-terrorist group Absolute Zero. The SAME Absolute Zero who called Patty Wetterling, Sarah ofte, and the Pope a “pedo enabler” and even claimed Wetterling had a sex offender son. The SAME Absolute Zero which is being sued in federal court for harassment, cyberstalking, and defamation of character. The same group who has come to the rescue of many thugs who terrorize people they consider “pedo enablers.” Oh, and the same group that takes up for Mark Lunsford, whose 18 year old son was busted for illicit sexual contact with a 14 year old, while simultaneously condemning every other 18 year old for having sex with 14 year olds (seeing how Rob supports Paln with her pregnant unwed teen it counds like AZU will have a problem with him BTW) Go to {Edited by Rob Taylor: No links to Pedophile sites} and see what Absolute Zero is REALLY all about!

    I find it ironic “Rob Taylor” is spewing such rubbish on a site peddling “Tila Tequila Lesbian Scene (pants down) Preprint Coas.” Sounds a bit contrary if you ask me. Perhaps ol’ Taylor’s got a few cognitive distortions of his own to sort out

  6. By the gods you’re retarded. You know that the Tila stuff in the side is an ad right? That I don’t put those specific ads there, Shopping Ads does? I put in the key words, but I don’t make the ads. This is a business and Tila Tequila ads pay the bills.

    But be that as it may are you claiming lesbian sex is the same as raping children? That adult women having sex is morally equivalent to raping children? Really?

    I don’t know who AZU is, but I don’t disapprove of teens that are pregnant having their babies, putting them up for adoption or having an abortion (in the first trimester) and neither should anyone else. My problem is with adults having sex with children, Tom Madison berating rape victims on television and some fat P.O.S. coming here and trying to split hairs about someone who’s a sex offender not being predatory.

    I happen to think absolute Zero does good work, though I myself am not a member. It isn’t “propaganda” to be disgusted by unrepentant child rapists, it’s called decency. Being that you have none I’m not surprised you didn’t recognize it.

  7. I figured a moron like YOU would apporove of the cyber-terrorist group Absolute Zero United. Lets face it, most people who claim to hate something so much turn out to be pretty close to the thing they hate. Mark Foley champions the Atrocious Walsh Act in one hand while chatting nasties to teen pages in the other hand. Makes me wonder what kind of skeletons YOU have in your close.

    As far as the Tila Tequila ads go, its hypocritical to promote porn while bitching about sex crimes, especially when most sex crimes are committed by people NOT ON SEX OFFENDER REGISTRIES! Of course, you lack the mental capacity to comprehend how hypocritical you truly are. You fit right in with theAbsolute Zeroes cult

  8. A) Do you know what terrorism is?

    B) Mark Foley made passes at people of legal age, but since I didn’t vote for him what does this have to do with me?

    C) Tila Tequila photos, most of which have her dressed, are pron? I though you were for free pron, I guess only if it involves crying children.

    D) Even if I did promote porn, which I don’t have a problem with, why would it be hypocritical to be against child rape if i was for consenting adults doing what ever they wanted? Are you sure you know what hypocritical means? I just don’t want you to embarrass yourself, the way I’m about to embarrass you by running a post about you.

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