Georgia Couple Hold Illegal Alien as Slave

The husband was a law enforcement officer, his wife was from India and authorities claim she lured the unnamed victim here where the two used threats of violence to force the woman to work as their nanny without any pay. From MyFox Atlanta:

WOODSTOCK, Ga. (MyFOX ATLANTA) – A law enforcement officer and his wife admitted Friday that they illegally kept an Indian woman in their home and forced her to care for their two children.  The couple now faces jail time and fines.

The assistant U.S. attorney said the couple took extraordinary measures to essentially get free child care.  The couple’s harboring scheme was illegal.

Russell and Malika Garrett admitted they knew what they did was wrong when they stood before a federal judge Friday afternoon.

The Garretts kept an illegal alien in their home and are accused of using intimidation to force the woman to work as a nanny.

The nanny was held at the Garretts’ Woodstock home and for most of the time investigators said the nanny was paid below normal wages or nothing at all.

Neighbors said they were surprised to learn that Russell Garrett carried a badge as a law enforcement officer for the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

Federal prosecutors said a combination of factors made the nanny too afraid to flee the home.

Malika Russell is from India and prosecutors viewed her as more culpable in the scheme because she made arrangements for the nanny to come to the U.S.

Just another reason it’s important to have orderly legal immigration into America. Stories like this one make you wonder why so many people want people to be able to cross into America without the authorities knowing about it.

One thought on “Georgia Couple Hold Illegal Alien as Slave

  1. Okay …. What parent WANTS someone watching their child whom they not only know nothing about because she is A. illegal and B. a total stranger off the street, but also someone they make hate them and will do anything to escape as soon as able?! Including, oh, I don’t know, threatening the children at gun/knifepoint?!?! Selling the children?!?!? Kidnapping the children?!?!!! My mind just goes directly to the children, so I don’t mean to miss the point of this poor woman’s treatment. This is just shocking on so many levels, from so many angles.

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