Kendra D’Andrea Molested Her Little Girl to Make Her Boyfriend Happy


I don’t like he word “slut.” It’s a mean word only used by people who themselves are of suspect character. Frustrated and unwanted men, jealous and unloved women and religious fanatics are the only people who use the word. I believe that there is no woman that deserves to be called this despicable name. Or I should say I believed that, until I read about Kendra D’Andrea of Gloucester Massachusetts.

In 2004 Kendra was dating a long haul trucker named Willie Jordan. Jordan is a degenerate pedophile rapist, a fact that Kendra knew quite well since according to reports she and Jordan took turns raping her 8-year-old daughter while filming it with a camera phone. The couple then uploaded the pictures to a password protected Sprint PCS site so that Willie could enjoy the pictures while on the road.

Social Services were alerted to suspected abuse and while investigating came across the site. When police picked Kendra up she admitted to the crimes. That was in 2004. Massachusetts “justice” works slow, especially when the criminals file motions to have the main evidence in the case thrown out. That’s right, after being caught red handed molesting her daughter and allowing a man to rape the child Kendra had the nerve to claim the website was “illegally accessed” by social services.

Instead of accepting the punishment she so richly deserves this disgusting low-life is trying to weasel out of her prison term. If she had an ounce of humanity left in her she’d quietly enter prison and let her poor children move on with their lives. But instead she’s dragging out the case in a hopeless attempt to avoid being punished for what can only be described as horrid evil.

I don’t like the term, but there is no better description of Kendra D’Andrea than a perverted gutter slut. Let’s hope she’s in prison a long enough time for her daughter to heal and see that all people aren’t as repulsive as Kendra D’Andrea

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