Democrat Wants to Make Profanity Illegal in South Carolina

State Senator Robert Ford of South Carolina wants to pass a law that would make profanity illegal in public. Movie theaters, Libraries, the corner store. Everywhere. What’s more even the act of writing a profane word would be punishable by, get this, up to five years in prison and a $5000 fine.

In fact the wording of his bill would make it illegal to run any almost movie, sell most books and certainly would bring record sales to a grinding halt. Why is he doing it? The same reason Al Gore supported the fascist Parent’s Music Resource Center. It’s for the kids.

Funnier than this half-assed attack on the first amendment is the wailing by young “liberals” who are shocked their nanny-state party is full of nanny-staters. C’mon Democrats, we thought you were cool!

One thought on “Democrat Wants to Make Profanity Illegal in South Carolina

  1. This is the most absurd and unconstitutional peice of work to date. SHIT, while you are at it….You might as well pass some laws that we honor government on bended knee at 6:01 AM each morning. That should include songs praising you and Obama. Go ahead…go all the way….
    outlaw hamburgers…they are not good for kids either. Make it law that we eat the RDA of fruits and vegetables too and be able to prove it. Could you make naps law? I love naps…and I think everyone should be required to take one daily.

    More importantly I want to see a law making everyone smile ALL the time…when dealing with people…any people…all people. Just outlaw all the assholes in this country. Gosh….I am so glad to be American.

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