The Alternate Currency Movement Gaining Popularity

This video is a combination of two local news reports from Michigan on the growing alternative currency movement via GardenSERF, who is the author of the excellent Horsemen of the Red Hand. It’s an interesting movement that survivalists should keep tabs on if they are not becoming directly. is a good place to start.

7 thoughts on “The Alternate Currency Movement Gaining Popularity

  1. Interesting, I’ll have to check this out since I might not be too far away from some of the businesses. Years ago when I was just out of massage school, I applied at a salon that paid through a barter system that a lot of other businesses were involved in.

    I was offered the job but turned it down because it was confusing to me and bartering couldn’t pay my rent as far as I knew. I was just completely ignorant of the system since it was so foreign to me.

  2. Thanks for the mention. Movement will really take off on this if one or more US states introduce bills restoring precious metals as currency.

  3. True, I think there’s also going to be a movement toward bartering communites once the taxes go up and the dollar goes down. The “Grey Markets” in Argentina come to mind.

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  6. Since I am the owner of a nationwide barter company, I am amused by the news reports that say alternative currency it “gaining popularity”. Barter is not new, but it is enjoying a resurgence because of the down economy. I really like the visual image when the restaurant owner in the video said he could take marbles as alternative currency if he wanted. It is true. We are most familiar with US currency, but it is still barter. A dollar bill has a certain value and we are willing to trade it for products and services. A barter company provides the accounting to do the same thing with barter dollars and computers and the web make is infinitely easier to track. Maybe I will start calling them “Barter Marbles” it’s a much more colorful visual :o)

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