Biden on Swine Flu

I just saw Robert Gibbs backpedaling on Biden’s statements a little while ago. This is actually common sense stuff, especially seeing as Mexico has shut down it’s federal government to stop the spread of the flu. So far it still seems like the flu has been mild in America, but Mexico is getting hit hard.

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There’s some spin on Arlen Specter and some talk about stimulus. Biden is a good soldier for the Democrats and they keep dumping on him. Maybe he might want t take a look at a party who appreciates people looking out for the safety of American?

One thought on “Biden on Swine Flu

  1. Biden needs to learn that he doesn’t have to say everything he thinks, especially when commenting on something outside his area of expertise, whatever that might be. He’s not Doc Biden or DHS Secretary Biden, he’s a guy whose job it is to attend state funerals and photo ops. But give him a microphone and he goes hog wild, pun most definitely intended.

    Look, I’m inclined to agree with him – you won’t see me on the subway during rush hour – but my opinion can’t cause major damage to the American economy. I’m pretty sure doling out infection control advice isn’t in Biden’s job description, and America can’t afford to suffer the kind of economic damage Mexico is currently facing.

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