Deadly Swine Flu Spreading from Mexico into U.S. Border States

Mexican schools are shutting down in the face of a new strain of swine flu that has killed at least 60 people, most of whom were young healthy adults. The deaths have fueled fears of a new global pandemic as 8 people in the American southwest have been infected with a similar and possibly related virus.

Here’s part of the C.D.C.’s “Don’t worry” press conference. Me personally, I’m a little worried.


Update: C.D.C. is announcing that as of now the virus is uncontainable.

8 thoughts on “Deadly Swine Flu Spreading from Mexico into U.S. Border States

  1. I’ve heard that if you take your regular flu vaccination viruses like this would be less likely to harm you. The same is likewise with bird flu.

    But I don’t think we should trust the World Health Organization. They praised Communist Cuba’s “health-care system” as a model.

  2. I should also note that Alex Jones and his fanatical followers have recycled old school Soviet propaganda stating that the USA was “responsible” for the swine flu in Mexico and in the USA.

  3. Go ahead keep on denying mah. There have been elements of bird, swine and human flu found inside the strain. Vaccinations don’t help poeple they just give them cancer and autism.

  4. Vaccinations don’t give people cancer and autism. Parents with shy kids just want their kids diagnosed with a problem because of their narcissism.

    People will die because of your polio nonsense. The poxs and polio ravaged this country for centuries and you fantasy world living douches want it to come back.

    You’re disgusting.

  5. I’ve heard from a few different sources that there would be no vaccination for such a rare virus as the Swine Flu, I hope this isn’t the case

  6. Blade,

    Do you believe that swine flu was “created” in the USA? Are you one of those supporters of Alex Jones that believes in this kind of disinformation which is oddly similar to Soviet disinformation regarding the HIV/AIDS virus?

  7. I should also add with an update, that cases confirmed in the USA those victims of swine flu had oddly managed to recover from the swine flu.

    Most of the deaths have occurred in Mexico.

  8. We should be thankful that the swine flu did not spread very rapidly. it is not very deadly like Ebola but swine flu can still kill you.

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