Former CBI Agent James Crippin Arrested, Bomb Making Material Found at His Home

54-year old James Crippin worked for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation from 1988 until 2002. In that time Crippin was a model citizen, except for one traffic violation in 2001, according to KRDO reports. The former C.B.I. agent was running a website called Forensic Products and Services which sells drug residue testing kits and explosive residue detection kits to law enforcement and security professionals.

Now the former agent is under arrest, and a search of his home is said to have turned up bomb making materials. From KRDO:

PUEBLO – A former Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent was arrested Wednesday afternoon and taken to the Pueblo County Detention Center. He later posted his $35,000 bond. The arrest is the result of a lengthy investigation involving authorities from local, state, and federal levels.

The investigation also led to the evacuation of a Pueblo neighborhood after authorities executed a search warrant at his home at 1007 Candytuft Boulevard on Wednesday. Authorities would not immediately disclose what was in the home that posed a danger to the area, but the Pueblo Bomb Squad and Hazmat crews were called in and were at the home for hours. Police would only say a number of chemicals were found inside.

What was James Crippin up to? We may never know, but Crippin is out on $35,000 bond now, and his website is still active. KRDO has a video report that includes background on Crippin.

h/t N.T.A.