Hamas Celebrates Obama Victory with Massive Rocket Attack


After issuing a warning to Barack Obama to “learn from Bush’s mistakes” Islamo-fascist terror organization Hamas celebrated America’s historic moment by launching a large salvo of rockets into Israel. Al-Reuters gives the Hamas party line:

GAZA (Reuters) – Hamas fired dozens of rockets at Israel on Wednesday after Israeli forces killed six Palestinian militants in an eruption of violence that disrupted a four-month-old truce along the Gaza Strip’s frontier.

The rocket attacks, which included salvoes that landed in the coastal Israeli city of Ashkelon, caused no casualties. Israeli forces later killed a seventh Palestinian gunman who the military said had taken part in cross-border rocket fire.

Sources in Hamas, an Islamist group that runs Gaza, said calm could return if Israel held its fire. Israel’s defense minister also signaled it did not want the truce to collapse.

A breakdown of the Egyptian-brokered Gaza ceasefire would pose yet another challenge to U.S. efforts, opposed by Hamas, to achieve a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

Buried in the report is the reason Israeli launched operations in Gaza:

On Tuesday, Israeli airstrikes killed five militants and Israeli soldiers shot dead a gunman during an incursion into the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces quit the coastal enclave in 2005 and Hamas took control after routing Fatah forces two years later.

The Israeli military said the aircraft went into action after militants attacked soldiers who entered Gaza to destroy a tunnel that Hamas had planned to use to kidnap Israeli soldiers.

Hours later, an Israeli missile killed a field commander from the Palestinian faction Islamic Jihad in north Gaza. Two other gunmen were wounded. The Israeli military said the strike targeted a rocket squad that had fired across the border.

Via Gateway Pundit. Fausta has more on the world’s reaction to Obama’s win, which seems to be a uniform “Hey, now you’re like us! Raise your taxes and let’s start killing some Jews!” from most the usual suspects.

Update: Iran is also celebrating. Z.A.C. has details.

3 thoughts on “Hamas Celebrates Obama Victory with Massive Rocket Attack

  1. I guess Joe Biden bit more than he can chew with the comment that his boy Obama’s going to be tested in the next six months of his first year in office. I’m pretty sure Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) are all going to conspire to certainly embarass Barry.

    You may also check out my blog, the Iranian Islamo-Nazi leadership has openly sung praise for an Obama victory. With that also South Korean intelligence has detected that their North Korean counterparts are building up a bigger base to include more missiles and it appears that a likely double of Kim Jong-Il is inspecting troops too.

  2. You may also wish to add the New Zeal blog to the right side of members of the Committee on Un-American Activities, it’s got a long list of Obama’s radicalism:


    Also take a note on a Marxist Nepali Maoist who referred Obama as a “fellow traveler” and a “brother”:

    “Haha Trevor Loudon you reactionary. This has been a bad year for you. Us Maoists in Nepal swept to power in elections and now our brothers and sisters in the USA have elected our comrade Barack Obama!

    I guess you right-wing folks are starting to get a bit down about democracy. Oh no do I hear someone talking saying “we need another Pinochet””


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