Hell’s Angels in Global War Against Muslim Gangs

A Hell’s Angels member was beaten to death in a Sydney airport, an action which may have been retaliation for a series of drive-by shootings on rival gang members’ houses. In Denmark there are reports the Hell’s Angels are waging a war by proxy utilizing Ak 81 to fight immigrant “youth” gangs who have terrorized and shut down large parts of that country. The link between the two battle fields continents apart is that in both cases the Angels are fighting Muslim majority or Muslim run gangs.

While it is claimed by some journalists that new pushes by the Angels against rivals old and new is simply an attempt to gain greater control of the drug trade, it should be noted that the rival Biker gangs in Australia at war with the Hell’s Angels now (Banditos and Comancheros)  are led by and dominated by Muslims even though the gangs have traditionally recruited from the same demographic as the Angels. Like The Mongols here, these gangs have been altered by recruitment programs which target populations who produce “foot soldiers” more useful to the gang than the old schoolers.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the leader of the Comancheros is a Muslim named Mahmoud Hawi, who has displayed Hamas-like media savvy in using Telegraph reporter Lisa Davis to put out propaganda to the Australian public designed to make the Comancheros look like the reasonable aggrieved party when they worked in tandem with Banditos members to murder Hell’s Angel Anthony Zervas, who the media has painted as deserving of his brutal slaying with stories of his violent recent past.

One of the Bandito members arrested in the slaying was another Muslim named Mahmoud Dib. Australian police have been coy about releasing the names of other assailants in the country due to the tensions between Australians and Muslim immigrants that exist due to the excessive criminality of the Muslim population, especially in the area of sex crimes.

A world away, Denmark is a country besieged by Muslim violence and the Angels have suggested the violence will stop on their end when immigrant communities there “clean up their act” and stop the rampages that mar Europe with alarming frequency.

My gut reaction is that these conflicts are being driven less by Hell’s Angels expansionism and more by Islamic Imperialism and the encroaching of over-confident Muslim gangs on the Angel’s turf. There is a parallel in the “peace” movement on college campuses, where pacifists and peaceniks were pushed out by Jihad supporters who then pushed the peace movement to be more confrontational with rivals. In this case though it isn’t the College Republicans or a Jewish group getting pushed around, but the a transnational 1%er gang that just survived (and according to some, won) a bloody Mexican Mafia led turf war with The Mongols.

But it is telling that Muslim gangs are challenging the venerable motor cycle gang in those countries where government has failed to control them or assimilate them into the wider community. In those environments it is only organizations like the Angels that challenge their cultural authority and visibly stand between the Islamists and their goal of converting a country into Dar-al-Islam.

I predict that should we adopt European style multicultural policies regarding Islam we will see similar conflict between Muslim gangs and established groups who challenge their supremacy, just as here we see Latino gangs who are protected by political correctness challenge Black gangs in the inner city. In terms of Europe, the chaos in Denmark is the death knell of civilization there as the last group of Europeans who refuse to submit to the will of Allah make a final stand against Islamism and the leftist who ally themselves with it. Australia’s liberal government seems to be leading their country in the same direction, with a media sympathizing with the Muslim gangs.

Whether this will happen in America is uncertain as long as we refuse to take Islamic Imperialism seriously.

5 thoughts on “Hell’s Angels in Global War Against Muslim Gangs

  1. Ironic, don’t you think? I heard some past reports of Hells Angel gang members trying to do business with some Hezbollah terrorists or undercover agents whom were posing as such.

  2. Yeah. The Angels do business with whoever they can to move drugs/guns/sex trade. They’re allied with Eme and through that MS-13 so it’s not that they are good guys. Just the only group organized and motivated to fight Muslims in Europe.

  3. We can only pray that all the gangs eventually kill each other off, what we need are real Holy Warriors to destroy them all, Holy Warriors of all religions and backgrounds, a coalition of moral people across all beliefs to wipe out these drugged mindless criminal thugs vying for territory. They all deserve hell on earth and eternal, and we need honest citizens to bring take them there.

  4. mooslums are trash..

    Prophet mohammed is gay and takes it up the ass.

    mooslums have turned denmark into trash.. much like the messycans have ruined the USA..

  5. Actually Mexicans are a nice, hard working and patriotic people. My opposition to illegal immigration is that it pushes down the number of legal Mexicans who take the time to obey our laws we allow in.

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