Nuclear Attack on D.C. “Inevitable” Claims Government Witness

Here’s a time to stock up on canned goods and ammunition alert from The Washington Times:

A nuclear device detonated near the White House would kill roughly 100,000 people and flatten downtown federal buildings, while the radioactive plume from the explosion would likely spread toward the Capitol and into Southeast D.C., contaminating thousands more.

The blast from the 10-kiloton bomb — similar to the bomb dropped over Hiroshima during World War II — would kill up to one in 10 tourists visiting the Washington Monument and send shards of glass flying the length of the National Mall, in a scenario that has become increasingly likely to occur in a major U.S. city in recent years, panel members told a Senate committee yesterday.

“It’s inevitable,” said Cham E. Dallas, director of the Institute for Health Management and Mass Destruction Defense at the University of Georgia, who has charted the potential explosion’s effect in the District and testified before a hearing of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. “I think it’s wistful to think that it won’t happen by 20 years.

Read the rest, it includes a handy doomsday scenario map for the nation’s capital.

So According to this guy within the next 20 years Al-Qaeda, or maybe a group like the I.S.M., will nuke a U.S. city. Scary stuff. Washington is a good target but New York, L.A. or Seattle will all be just as devastating. Or any large city along a transportation hub, really. The difference is the politicians holding the hearing are in D.C. so they want plans in place to save their hides, but what are your areas plans if you get nuked?

Maybe now I’ll get off my ass and restart American Survival Blog.