Police Seeking Serial Rapist in Camden N.J.

Bad news from my home state from AHN:

Camden, NJ (AHN) – Parents are on edge and a community is being terrorized in Camden, New Jersey as police say a serial rapist is on the loose. Authorities have been investigating a series of abductions, attempted abductions and sexual assaults on girls aged 11 to 16; the first of which was reported in October.

The ninth and latest victim was a 14-year-old girl found running naked down Garden Avenue near Highland after escaping from her abductor.

It was not immediately known when the latest incident occurred, according to Fox News. All of the attacks took place after dark; some of the victims were attacked near schools, some in other locations.

Because of different descriptions and versions, police are unable to release a composite sketch of the suspect or and do not know whether or not other suspects are involved.

Needless to say those with any information should pass it along information to proper authorities.

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