Somali Muslim Hate Crime in Minneapolis

Three Somali teens attacked a volunteer at a hospital and a female nurse in a racist rampage:

MINNEAPOLIS—A Hennepin County Medical Center volunteer and nurse were separately attacked by the same three suspects.

Reiner Schonolling was attacked Tuesday morning by three Somali teenagers on bikes.

The suspect who hit him said he does not like white Americans.

Just one hour before the attack, the suspects punched Robin Cooper who is a nurse at HCMC.

The attacks happened at Elliot Park in downtown Minneapolis along 8th Street.

“I believe they picked on someone they thought they can get away with,” says Cooper.

Minneapolis huh? Right between Ottawa and Denver, Colorado as the crow flies and apparently home to a radical Somali population if this crime is any indication. Wizbang makes a good point that Saleman Abdirahman Dirie must have had help to rent the pricey hotel he died in and while the F.B.I. is saying the Denver incident isn’t terrorism I think we all know that’s just silly. Dirie is also a Somali immigrant, to Canada, and crossed the border illegally. His family claims he wasn’t a terrorist because terrorism would be against his religion. Yes, really.

Maybe like the Minneapolis Somalis he just hated White Americans.

h/t Gateway Pundit