Two Middle Eastern Illegal Aliens Found in Mississippi

A Border Patrol operation found two middle easterners, one Egyptian and one Palestinian, here illegally who are presumed to have crossed over the border from Mexico. From One News Now:

A Mississippi-based immigration activist is appalled that potential terrorists were among a group of illegal aliens apprehended by federal agents in a sting operation along Interstate 20 in the Magnolia State.

Operation Uniforce was conducted during a two-week period this month by a special Border Patrol task force targeting I-20 because federal agents believe it is a new corridor for smugglers to ferry illegal aliens to the East Coast. A similar operation was conducted on I-10 last year at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Mobile, Alabama. According to the Border Patrol, greater scrutiny of the I-10 corridor prompted smugglers to move further inland to I-20 — which is 800 miles from the Mexican border.

While most of the illegal immigrants nabbed came from Mexico, two individuals from “special interest” countries — one Egyptian and the other a Palestinian from the West Bank — were also apprehended. Rodney Hunt with the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement says people are concerned that terrorists are entering the U.S. across the porous border. “And I think this just shows [that] these people from these special interest countries … [are not just] … people coming here taking jobs from Americans, but we have potential … terrorists,” warns Hunt.

Making nice with McCain and his fellow open border activists will have some severe consequences G.O.P. faithful. We’ve got to secure the border first!

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