Was Angie Zapata a Victim of Machismo Culture?

The 18-year-old male-to-female transgendered teen was found beaten to death in her apartment. No matter what your personal feelings are about the transgendered youth issue the brutal and shocking death of a teenager in Colorado should cause every American to demand justice.

In my admittedly limited experience with the transgendered, I have always found that male-to-female transgenders tend to adopt exaggerated mannerisms that they perceive as “female” but are most often copied from transvestites. They are likewise often attracted to others who exhibit exaggerated mannerisms like men who are overly “macho.”

As Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, author of the excellent book on profiling, Vulture: Profiling Sadistic Serial Killers, observes in her essay Importing Violence many Latin American cultures support a sexually violent Machismo culture among men that encourages and rewards sexualized violence. Colorado has a very large Latin American immigrant population.

My theory of the crime: Angie Zapata gets involved with a”macho” man who gets scared that she’ll eventually out him to his scumbag friends. He kills her and hopes someone will assume it was a random hate crime.

Just recently we saw a case where a group of Muslims “punished” a suspected homosexual by gang raping him, and in this case I believe we will see that the perpetrator is someone equally “macho.” As long as we cling to the multiculturalist belief that all cultures are equal and thus all morality is relative, we will never be able to confront the attitudes that lead to this sort of disgusting crime and we will continue to fail Americans like Angie Zapata.

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  1. Multiculturalism is stupid, any culture that would support things like this is inferior to any one that doesn’t.

  2. How sad another life lost to violence. I agree with you many (not to say all) of the Latin culture in one way or another, supports or accepts a sexually violent Machismo culture and like you wrote encourages and rewards them. Woman are most often treated as things they can use and abuse. hopefully this crime is solve and justice is serve.

  3. I can’t believe how many people are saying that Zapata seems to have no partial fault in the resulting death. I don’t have to worry about telling someone my genetic (XY/XX) status. I would think that someone who had started out live as one and was turned into the other, would say,”oh btw, i was ‘X’ and now i am ‘Y’.” I think it would show something about that someone.
    Things people should say upfront;
    I am divorced
    I am an ex con
    I have (insert STD)
    I was once a (genitalia description)
    So the (bio)man gets the shock of his life. And no one seem to be saying. just maybe (non bio) woman should have said something sooner. instead we get, “it is a macho thing. (bio) males are dumb and can’t resolve shocks without violence.” just WOW

  4. You’re kidding right? Only a moron can’t tell the difference between a woman and a transgender. My point is that the same “machismo” culture that has taken root in many cities, which was imported here by Latin America, considers violence against both women and homosexuals acceptable and we as Americans of all political persuasions and religious beliefs should be working hard to send a message that we allow people to choose what they want to do with their lives here and we won’t tolerate murdering people because they want to do something different.

    Look, even though I support many “gay rights” issues I think their is something morally wrong with a society that accepts the medicalization of the extreme self loathing that drives many (but perhaps not all) transgenders. What is sadder than a person who hates themselves so much that they want to turn into a whole different person? When Michael Jackson bleached himself and made himself look more “white” we all sneered, but when Angie Zapata said he/she wanted to be a different gender we celebrate.

    Except of course people who claim Zapata was in some way asking for it. Look, Springer episodes notwithstanding, anyone who tells you they didn’t know the person they’re nailing was a transgender is a liar. The person who killed Zapata, if s/he was killed by a person that was involved with her knew and liked having sex with a male to female transgender probably because they tend to act less like women and more like what men think women act like. They also have a higher suicide rate post-opt than the rest of America, proving that their problems are often deeper than wanting to exchange their Penis for a vagina.

    If you think that Zapata is responsible for her own death however, then you must also believe that a person walking alone at night deserves to get mugged or that drunken women are asking to get raped. Zapata is a victim, nothing more and deserves the same justice everyone else does.

  5. Wow, like you many of the people in Latin America will blame the victim no matter what. When a woman gets rape instead of pointing the finger to the creep they will blame the woman for wearing shorts, miniskirts, walking at night or just because she might have smile or said hi. If a person gets mugged then it is the victims fault for wearing things that called attention. there is always the victims fault….. like if anyone is really praying to become a victim………..

  6. Zapata became a victim because of attitudes like Wow, where people who may or may not need a little help of direction are blamed for the actions of those who prey upon the weak and defenseless. you made a good point, Ana.

  7. NO i never said that the killer was not AT FAULT AT ALL. what i said was that PART of the blame should be placed on Zapata. in part because Angie Zapata still had male genitalia. please read all of this –

    http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5jxk6ZQZDIzesaPrtBG5zKwskF-JQD928LA400 .

    There was no ‘vaginal’ sex, so Andrade couldn’t have known from the sex. what i said was that Zapata should have said, “I’m still all male down there.” then the dumb ass (and yes Andrade was and still is) could have just looked elsewhere. that is all i said.

    this is not the only instance of this type of killing. there is a movie all about it based on a true story – Teena Renae Brandon. i feel that this is going to happen more and more as the trans and non-trans world come closer. I really have to wonder what any (bio)male would say after that happening to them. I’m sure that Mr.Taylor would be just happy to go to work the next day and talk about it, “hey, i had my first gay experience.”.

    As for post-op suicides, most are supposed to get mental treatment before and after.

  8. That’s a horrible and wicked theory and worse it contains the kind of willful ignorance all bigots put forward to justify their prejudice.

    It is not possible that a man could spend the night with a person, have sex with them and after sex suddenly have suspicions of the person’s gender. That’s a lie. Do you really believe that a woman will invite a man she met on the internet that night over for sex but then only suck him off or even more unlikely have anal sex with him and never want to even be touched near the crotch area? Has that ever happened to you?

    Do you think that it’s possible to spend hours with a pre-op tranny, have sex and everything else and only become suspicious after seeing some pictures?

    Do you think that even if the nonsensical situation like you describe do you think the average response would be to crack the tranny’s skull, twice by the way because the first time Zapata’s head was caved in s/he survived it, then steal their car?

    Doesn’t any of this sound bogus to you?

    No one (no offense intended to the transsexual community) is ever fooled by transsexuals, not in person anyway. Maybe in a picture, but once you’ve started talking to them, hanging out, or in Andrade’s case having sex, you know. People who say they didn’t know are lying. Zapata looked like a “ladyboy” even in pictures, so don’t bullshit me about how heterosexuals are fooled by predatory trannys.

    Brandon was raped by two scumbags she used to do drugs with when they found out she was a woman passing as a man. The cases are apples and oranges and only similar in that the perps were sexually violent career criminals.

    And even if it were the case, you’re saying that if you were “fooled’ by a person who you thought was a woman it’d be natural to cave their skull in and steal their car? Really?

    Who raised you?

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