When a Dirty Bomb is Detonated in Your Town, Thank Canada

Radio active material is disappearing from Canada at an “alarming rate” according to a recent report:

Radioactive devices — some of which have the potential to be used in terrorist attacks — have gone missing in alarming numbers in Canada over the past five years.

A new database compiled by The Canadian Press shows that the devices, which are used in everything from medical research to measuring oil wells, are becoming a favoured target of thieves.

At least 76 have gone missing in Canada over the past five years — disappearing from construction sites, specialized tool boxes, and generally growing legs and walking away.

Some of the devices could be used in a “dirty bomb,” where conventional explosives are used to detonate nuclear material, spreading the contamination over a wide area, said Alan Bell, a security and international terrorism expert from Globe Risk Security Holdings.

Looks like it’s time to close our northern borders. Though that won’t help the northern states if some terrorists detonate a dirty bomb close enough. Bad news indeed.

h/t Jihad Watch

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