WRTAC: Michigan Muslim Leader’s Death Will Lead to Ummah vs Law Enforcement Street War

Which illustrates the reason we shouldn’t allow radical Islamism to fester in our communities in the first place. The radical Sunni set run by dog murdering degenerate Luqman Abdullah is going to be looking for reprisals against law enforcement, according to the Washington Regional Threat Analysis Center.

Violent reprisals for the self-defense shooting of a terrorist sympathizer by law enforcement? Sounds less like a religious group and more like a gang.

From the Washington Times:

Federal officials have issued a warning that the shooting death of a radical Sunni Islamic leader in Michigan on Wednesday night may engender retaliatory violence against law enforcement officers there as well as in the Washington area, though law enforcement officials played it down as a routine measure.

Gunfire erupted during the arrest of Ummah leader Luqman Abdullah and members of his group after Abdullah pulled a gun and shot and killed an FBI canine, according to a document obtained by The Washington Times from the Washington Regional Threat and Analysis Center (WRTAC).

FBI agents returned fire at the warehouse in Dearborn, Mich., and killed Abdullah, who was charged with selling stolen goods and illegal possession and sale of firearms.

“Abdullah’s death and associated arrests may foster resentment, violent rhetoric, and threats from Ummah adherents,” said the raw intelligence document issued by the WRTAC.

“Because of the group’s anti-law enforcement sentiments, law enforcement officers should be particularly mindful of this change in the threat environment and the possibility for retaliation,” the WRTAC said.

As for implications in the D.C. area, the WRTAC said that “Ummah sympathizers or other similar groups may be operating in the National Capital Region. Officers should be alert for possible retaliatory actions as a result of the FBI Detroit raid.”


The FBI arrested seven people during the raid, but three associates of Abdullah remain at large.

“The Ummah is a radical, violent Sunni Islamic fundamentalist group comprised primarily of African-American Muslim converts who espouse anti-law enforcement and anti-US government sentiments,” the WRTAC said.

Its leader, Abdullah, operated out of the Masjid Al-Haqq in Detroit.

According to an FBI alert, “the death of Abdullah and the arrest of Ummah members/supporters will disrupt the Ummah in Detroit, Michigan. Due to his close ties and staunch support of Jamil Al-Amin (aka H. Rapp Brown), incarcerated leader of the Ummah, Abdullah’s death and the arrests may foster resentment, violent rhetoric, and threats from Ummah adherents.”

Ah. It sounds like a gang because it is in essence a gang of prison converts who still operate like a gang. I hoped I’d never see the day Muslims could challenge the state for authority here, but when the media cannot cover the story because of Ummah violence and the dead traitor was known to call for the violent overthrow of the Republic I fear that day is coming soon. And it will begin in Detroit.

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  1. I should also add how the Workers’ World Party have come to defend the late “Imam” who ran the mosque the FBI recently raided.

    The Workers’ World Party is also affiliated with the Muslim Student Association which is widely affiliated with the wider Muslim Brotherhood network. The MSA’s allied with the Workers’ World Party in the International ANSWER coalition.

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