Brussels Journal on Islam and World Order

A great essay over at The Brussels Journal pointing out how Islamists are detrimental to world peace. Here’s a taste:

Islamists demonstrate contempt for the global order that regulates diplomacy and which is, in turn, upheld by it. Governed by their fanatical ignorance they chop away at a supporting beam of world order. Lacking a modern and realistic world-view, they disregard that its conventions separate us from the Hobbes’ anarchy of the war of all against all. If their comportment brings the fruits of the plant they nurture, then violence will cease to be a “last resort” of interstate relations. The inciters of mobs fail to grasp that they are ill equipped for the provoked free-for-all if their still passive victims retaliate.

Due to the rip-down of the structure of international order, “war” is made to return as the only means of the protection of interests. The channels to moderate conflicts are clogging up. Force re-emerges as the only effective instrument for states to assert themselves. Tehran and its proxies stand behind numerous violations of diplomatic immunity. Iran had success by avoiding retaliation for breached contracts and for developing a lethal threat to entire categories of societies. This should convince rational leaders of the advantages of “diplomacy”, that is of orderly interstate relations. The Mullahs, however, persist to prepare the “Ausradieren” of their named targets while shielded by “diplomacy”. In their current condition, they should take to heart their stake in the current order that protects them. Instead, while beneficiaries of diplomacy, the Mullahs use the dark of its shadow to prepare the demolition of the global order.

Formally and regularly, the fundamentalists call upon Muslims to kill diplomats. An embassy is the sovereign territory of a state. Strictly speaking, attacking such a compound is an act of war. In the future, radical Muslims might again become successful in exploiting diplomats as hostages. This success implies that the limited -and admittedly imperfect – rule of law in international relations is in a phase of decline. If that is the case, diplomatically structured affairs are replaced by mob rule exercised under the influence of a delusion.

Part of that illusion is that the punching bag does not hit back because it lacks the moral and physical capability. Ultimately, the misinterpreted experience might prove to be a bad predictor of future responses. Perennial and growing atrocities could change minds. Systematic violations practiced as a policy, could become an argument to respond to the challenge in the terms that are set by its source.

In other words Muslims are incapable of acting civilized and are going to create a war between them and everyone else that they probably won’t survive. Read the rest.