Diana West on the Muslim No-Go Zones in England

The Death of the Grown-Up author Diana West has an excellent post on the Muslim run areas in England where non-Muslims fear to go , the firing of the Pentagon Islamic Law and Extremism and the philosophical No-Go Zone that made both possible:

Today, in the Sunday Telegraph, a Pakistani-born bishop of the Church of England, the Rt. Rev. Michael Nazir-Ali, offers further confirmation of the progressing Islamization of Europe with a column discussing Muslim-only districts that exist throughout Great Britain–so-called no-go zones, where non-Muslims may expect to be harassed and/or attacked for “trespassing.” We in the United States tend to regard this reverse colonization of Europe from a metpahoric and literal distance, cordoned off by ocean and, more important, smaller Islamic demographics.

But there is no security against creeping sharia in such distance–not when we so willingly, so pliantly, so cravenly, abide by No-Go Zones of the Mind.

Does the doctrine of Islamic jihad, which for centuries has animated aggression against the non-Islamic world–including the United States of America from its early nationhood (see this important backgrounder by Andrew Bostom)–pose a threat to Western-style liberty?Horrors! We don’t go there. In fact, that’s No-Go Zone of the Mind #1. It’s also the one Stephen Coughlin was fired by the Pentagon for daring to cross into and take back.

Does the spread of sharia through both Islamic terrorism and Islamic immigration threaten Western-style liberty? That’s No-Go Zone #2. And there are many more.

Read the rest. It’s an important piece that illustrates the problem with modern Western attitudes toward Islamic Imperialism