Islamic Honor Killing in Toronto, American Feminists Silent


16 year old Aqsa Parvez is dead, murdered by her father because she wouldn’t wear traditional Islamic clothing. This “honor” killing didn’t happen in a back water middle eastern country where feminists could conveniently ignore the crime by claiming that to disapprove is the “cultural imperialism” of we unsophisticated Americans. This happened in Toronto Canada.

Her 57 year old father, angry at her rejection of Islamic cultural imperialism and male superiority, strangled his daughter then called the police to turn himself in. This is a horrible case of abuse at the hands of a religious fanatic, a misogynist and most importantly a man who enjoys western freedoms himself but would seek to deny them to women.

American feminists remain silent. When will they begin to speak out about the creeping Islamism that threatens to steal if not their freedom, the freedom of their daughters and grand-daughters?

My bet is never. The modern left, “feminists” included, are so deeply enmeshed with Wahabbism that they’ll gladly don Hijabs themselves, or force others into them. As long as they can fight “the real enemy.”

Gateway Pundit has the whole story. Hot Air and the Jawas are also blogging this.

8 thoughts on “Islamic Honor Killing in Toronto, American Feminists Silent

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  2. It’s quite simple – Western Feminism only opposes the White male. So does Islam and general political correctness. They’re all allies.
    Of course Islam is far more sexist than any moral system Western Civilisation ever had.
    Feminism is just opportunist. Fundamentalist Islam provides its own women with no opportunity – even to revolt.

  3. Agreed Nigel. Camile Paglia (of all people) has said the same thing about the feminist establishment for years, and argues that this opportunism and obsession with destroying Western Civilization keeps women from achieving true equality.

  4. I am a Muslim and find this very anti-islamic. This man that done this obviously has either had very limited Islamic knowledge or followed a sect or movement that has gone away from Islam, that is the innovators. I strongly disagree with Wahhabism because I believe that their teachings is from innovations and is very extreme. The scholars who I study with say this, we should not compromise nor go to the extremes, because this is sinful in Islam. Unfortunately many people think they can learn Islam on their own or follow their peers, its not like that, if you want to be a doctor you need to go to university and study under knowledgable people, same applies for Islam, if you want to learn about Islam you need to seek knowledge from genuine and humble people of knowledge (Scholars). Not just any scholar, because there are many fakes out there. You need to look at their history, if you find any extremism in them then avoid them immediately. As for the sister that got brutally murdered by her father I wish to say that we should all pray for her as we as Muslims believe in the life after death.

  5. Thank you for posting that. I think Wahhabism encourages this sort of behavior both to appeal to the baser instincts of the more violent followers the need and to ensure that women and moderates will keep quiet.

  6. Aminul Hussain … can i just say that your comment was absolutely useless.
    If the afterlife is so much better why wouldn’t you kill yourself then ?

    This society is so violent and greedy that I have to say as a non-believer, death must be a release for many individuals who suffer from satanic zombies like the examples of honor killings.

    I do not believe in reward and punishment, not before – not while and not after life.
    Hopefully people reading my post, grant me the freedom to come to this conclusion after being human being for over 40 years.
    Any kind of force only shows that people can be as primitive as animals.

    Well, I have to appologize because animals would not enjoy sufferings of others so much as humans do.

    The domino effect.
    People experience force (in any form & shape) and what do they do ?
    They give it forward, to the weakest link. The weaker you are, the more likely are you object of abuse because people decide so.
    That works in the subconcious because you wouldn’t admit that you’re primitive, would you ?
    But neither would you harm yourself if you cannot go against the cause of your anger.
    What is left ? You direct your aggressions to an alternative object, and if its your own baby / child / wife / husband / environment / friend / dog …
    What’s the outcome ? The domino effect.

  7. That’s not what the Domino effect means. But putting that aside are you saying that a Muslim in CANADA was so oppressed by a society of craven cowards who bent over backward to make Militant Islamists feel at home he had no choice but to murder his daughter?

    Why didn’t he kill an “oppressor” in that case?

    If you’re an atheist (and thus I would assume making the pretense of objectivity) why won’t you admit that there are religions that promote honor killings and there are people that enjoy killing. Neither has to do with outside pressure at all, in fact Islamic misogyny is a reaction to insular nature of islam, which leads to the arabization of most Muslim converts who then adopt tribal Arab customs, like honor killings.

    The world’s not a college sociology class. Some people are just bad people.

  8. men preying on helpless women? this is prevalent in a backward & sick society! why? because the men are very insecure, so afraid that when the women are given equal rights, the men will surely be left out and be laughed at, hahahaha! these narrow minded men will turn into MICE who are good for nothing but only to be fed to the cats!
    so i say, Muslim women; think very well, do your very best, bang the drums louder than ever before & shout to your hearts’ delight so the whole world will hear your plight and take action, no backing down & no giving up!

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