Palestinian Child Abuse Aimed at Creating a Bloodthirsty Army

YouTuber xdhimmi put together this jaunty little video juxtaposing the normal decent parenting of civilized people with the terrorists who infest the Palestinian territories. These people are rightly called savages for indoctrinating their children in a culture of blood and death, teaching them that their highest goal in life should be spectacular murder/suicides. These people don’t love their own children, proving they are incapable of love, compassion or humanity. This is our enemy, and we will be fighting them one day:


Nice huh? And what kind of “man” does this sort of reckless hate produce?



One who cares nothing for life, his own or others, his only care is to slake his lust for blood and satisfy the desires of a twisted perversion of a deity. This is evil in it’s purest form, the total denial of this precious life. When will the world wake up to the danger of radical Islam?

h/t Gateway Pundit

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